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Twins who want to get pregnant together are so in sync they use toilet at the same time

Twins who want to get pregnant together are so in sync they use toilet at the same time

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The 'world's most identical twins' are so in sync, there's nothing they do without each other - even when it comes to using the toilet.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque opened up about their unique bond in today's (22 February) episode of This Morning, where they spoke about their desire to get pregnant at the same time.

You might recognise the Aussie sisters from TLC's Extreme Sisters, a show in which they've recently been documenting their struggle to reach their child-bearing goal.

Previous episodes have shown how the 35-year-old twins share the same fiancé, a bloke named Ben Byrne.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield quizzed the pair about their plan, asking what kind of pressure it puts on Ben to get his two partners pregnant at the same time.

"I don’t think it’s pressure, it’s double the love for Ben really," said Anna, with Lucy chiming in, "Maybe that’s a bit of a goal for him, a bit of a task for him."

While they're hoping for their dream scenario to come true, when asked what would happen if one of them fell pregnant and not the other, they said they'd 'be there for each other'.

They later opened up about how they 'avoid any jealousy' in the relationship, to which Lucy explained: "Like we've said, from day one there's never been any jealousy.

Anna and Lucy share the same fiancé.

"You know, if Ben kisses Anna, he'll kiss me straight away... And he doesn't want to separate us. He doesn't favour one twin over the other."

Anna added: "It's all equal in this relationship, and he treats us the same."

And it seems this is the only way the throuple can work, as the twins, in case you hadn't noticed, do everything together.

At one point, Phillip highlighted the fact that they even use the toilet together, something the sisters have spoken about in the past.

In a 2021 conversation with the New York Post, Anna said: "When she goes to the toilet, I come with her. When she has a shower, I come with her.

"You name it and we do it. We’re never apart. I don’t think we’d function without each other. We have separation anxiety. We’re bound to each other."

They do everything together - and we mean everything.

Prior to their pregnancy journey, the influencers enhanced their own natural similarities, forking out $250,000 (£207,100) on cosmetic surgery to look more alike.

And in a recent episode of Extreme Sisters, when Anna discovered she had to have a painful tooth taken out, Lucy decided to do the same in order to avoid them looking slightly different.

Their electrician fiancé explained: "So the girls have finally made a decision about their teeth.

"Lucy has decided that she’s going to get her wisdom tooth taken out so that Anna can get her infected tooth taken out."

Whatever you think about their lifestyle, there's no denying their dedication to the cause.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@annalucydecinque

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