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Woman who talked boyfriend into joining throuple opens up about their sleeping arrangements

Woman who talked boyfriend into joining throuple opens up about their sleeping arrangements

It all started when Alana Underwood told her boyfriend of three years that she wanted to experiment

A throuple has shared details about their sleeping arrangements as they opened up about how they got together. Watch the video below:

Alana, 25, shared how she and her boyfriend of three years, Kevin, opened up their relationship after she told him she was bi-curious and wanted to experiment.

This revelation didn't mark the end of their relationship, as Alana wanted to go on this journey of self-discovery with her partner. Instead it led to the pair meeting Megan, 35, and for the past three years, they've all lived happily together as a throuple in Santa Ana, California.

Alana, Kevin and Megan all have a couple's account on Instagram and TikTok where they post short clips and selfies as @campthrouple.

The threesome sat down for a chat with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning on Wednesday (11 January) to discuss their relationship.

They share the same bed and rotate who gets to sleep in the middle each night. The trio said there’s no jealousy between them.

The trio discussed their sleeping arrangements.

“We do this thing we call the Mac n cheese method - because we're M, A, K, so every night we switch who is in the middle,” Meghan explained.

“Last night it was you,' she said, pointing to Kevin. 'So now I'll be in the middle tonight, and then we just rotate.”

They also discussed how their love story blossomed.

“Alana and I were together for about three years before Alana did come to me and mention that she was bi-curious,” Kevin explained. “So we downloaded an app and we found Megan. And we've been together almost three years now.”

He added: “She brought it up to me and she had made comments here and there

“She wanted to go through this and wanted to do it with me.

Alana, Kevin and Megan have a throuple Instagram account.

Megan shared that she has always been bisexual and joined the app to experiment with more men.

“It was really out of curiosity that I tried something like this. I really wasn't expecting it to turn into love,” she told the presenters.

On meeting Meghan, Kevin said: “Meghan was the first person we ever met, first time we ever done something like this.”

Alana told the hosts and viewers at home that their first date as a threesome wasn’t ‘awkward’.

“It fell right in the first week in lockdown and quarantine, so it was hanging out at the house, it was very intimidating,” she shared.

“Because it was my first time trying something like this, I was a nervous wreck. I don't think it was so awkward, it think we felt comfortable.”

She added: “'We're all genuinely in love, our dynamic works really well together, I'm happy.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/campthrouple

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