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Sisters admit to ‘straddling’ each other to use the toilet at the same time

Sisters admit to ‘straddling’ each other to use the toilet at the same time

The sisters have described themselves as 'clinically obsessed with each other'.

It's no secret that siblings can have close bonds, but two sisters recently admitted that they have a much closer bond than most - particularly in the toilet department.

In a teaser clip for the TLC show Extreme Sisters, Christina and Jessica, from Gig Harbor, Washington, admitted they once 'straddled' each other to 'poop at [the] same time'. Watch them provide a reenactment below:

In the footage, one of the women can be seen on the toilet before she explained that when she and her sister were growing up, 'we would share the toilet and go poop together'.

The show then cuts to the two sisters demonstrating how they would sit on each other in a hypothetical pooping situation.

They said: "So, we would basically straddle each other - sometimes you had your arm around me like this - and it would drop. We would literally poop at the same time."

TLC then asked prospective viewers of the episode if they'd be willing to 'go for a number two with their number one' in the caption for the promotional clip.

And as you can imagine, the women went on to receive quite a response to their antics online.

One shocked viewer wrote: "I'm very close with my sisters.

"We've shared a bathroom before, one shower, one pee, so that's not odd.


"Is this for real? Like, where do they find these people," added a second.

"I love my sister, but we keep the bathroom to ourselves," remarked a third, while a fourth couldn't believe what they were seeing, writing: "Were they bragging about dropping loaves at the same time?"

Christina and Jessica used to straddle each other when going for a number two.
TLC / Extreme Sisters

"I can understand conversations on the toilet but POOPING TOGETHER??" questioned a fifth with crying emoji. "CMON NOW [sic]."

And a sixth agreed, writing: "I can see sharing clothes , I can see hanging out...but what I cant grasp is sharing the bathroom. Boundaries people... boundaries smh [sic]."

Explaining why they went went on the show, the sisters told the Chronicle that they wanted to show their powerful bond and that 'nothing can come between that. We open up and share our dynamic with so much vulnerability, and we want to touch people's hearts with our story', which is quite wholesome - if you can get over the fact that they once pooped together.

"I'd say we're clinically obsessed with each other," one of the sisters admitted in the teaser. "We are together all of the time."

This promoted her sister to reveal: "I've never even been on my own vacation without her."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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