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Woman shares clever money-saving hack to make clothes dry in just two hours

Ali Condon

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Woman shares clever money-saving hack to make clothes dry in just two hours

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@refineliving

The days of putting laundry out to dry on the washing line are starting to fade away, and people across the UK are looking at their tumble dryer for the first time in months.

With bills set to soar this winter, wouldn't it be convenient if there was find another way to get clothes dried fast without putting a hole in your pocket? Well, it just so happens that you can!

One woman (or lifesaver, rather) has shared her genius laundry hack with the people of TikTok and claims it'll have you cutting down your tumble dryer use by 30%!


Aussie based TikToker @refinedliving decided to share the top tip on her page, and viewers haven't been the same since.

"Wet clothes and need them to dry faster?" she asked.

"Simply add a dry towel for the first 15 minutes!"

The content creator then filmed herself throwing her laundry into her tumble dryer before adding in a towel on top and setting the machine timer to 15 minutes.

When time was up, she opened up the dryer door, pulled out the towel and explained: "This speeds it up over 30%."

So, why does this work?

Credit: TikTok/@refinedliving
Credit: TikTok/@refinedliving

A towel is built to absorb moisture, so chucking a dry towel in with your freshly washed clothes will soak up any dampness. That'll lead to a quicker overall drying time, instantly saving money on your energy bills, and getting your favourite trousers dry in record time. Genius!

Thrilled viewers raced to the comments to thank the TikToker for sharing her top tip, and not a moment too soon!

"Wow that's smart where did you find this? I never would have thought about that," commented one TikToker.

"This is facts, I discovered this on accident", another confirmed.

And a third added: "It works!!! I use this life hack on heavy items like terry robes and quilts."

This has probably just saved us a fortune ahead of the colder months!

If you're looking for other money-saving hacks then look no further than this saving-savvy TikTok mum, who managed to save herself quite a bit of cash by upcycling her children's school jumpers.

It's no secret that school uniforms can be pricey, and with food, bills, and fuel to consider, it's important to be scrimping where we can.

Credit: TikTok/@refinedliving
Credit: TikTok/@refinedliving

It's for this reason mum and TikToker Iona (@flirtcobain) decided to share her tip for refreshing last year's school uniforms without having to shell out on new ones.

In a clip posted last month, she wrote: "Look how I made last year's school jumpers look brand new again for only £4.79."

Footage shows her putting the tired looking red jumpers in the washing machine alongside some Dylon fabric dye, which you can buy for less than a fiver. That's some pretty decent saving!

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Ali Condon
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