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Mum dyes last year’s school jumpers to make them look brand new

Mum dyes last year’s school jumpers to make them look brand new

This will save you a few bob

A mum has shared how she upcycled her children's school jumpers so that they look brand new.

Amid the cost-of-living crisis, UK households are contending with soaring energy, food and fuel costs.

There are many more costs to deal with as a parent, including all of the kit kids need as the new term starts.

In fact, a survey by The Schoolwear Association found that a school uniform costs an average of £101.19 per child in secondary school.

It's for this reason mum and TikToker Iona (@flirtcobain) decided to share her tip for refreshing last year's school uniforms without having to shell out on new ones.

In a clip posted last month, she wrote: "Look how I made last year's school jumpers look brand new again for only £4.79."

Footage shows her putting the tired looking red jumpers in the washing machine alongside some Dylon fabric dye, which you can buy for less than a fiver.

After a wash and a spin, the sweaters come out looking bright and vibrant. Iona added: "This saved me about £13.

"Every penny counts in the cost of living crisis. Hope this inspires someone to upcycle school clothes."

Plenty of people have commented on the video to share their praise for the idea, with one writing: "I’m gonna start doing this just with general faded clothes, I hate putting them in the rag/recycling bin."

"Great idea even if your gonna give them to someone," said another, while a third added: "Wow you defo inspired me that’s an amazing idea!"

They look like different jumpers.

Others shared their own experiences with upcycling clothes, including this person who said: "I've been doing this for years. I do it with my own black leggings and vests too."

Another wrote: "I do this for their jumpers and black trousers! With two boys it’s great for freshening them up."

"I done this too I bought 2nd hand and refreshed them," commented a third, to which Iona replied: "Great idea, in my area we have community shops that give away uniform. This can be used to freshen them up too! Every little helps."

For those with kids whose uniforms aren't fit for refreshing, a school uniform grant worth up to £150 is being offered to struggling parents across the country.

Not everyone will be able to receive the grant as it is not compulsory in England. This means that not all local authorities will offer it and each council will have their own criteria for who is eligible.

Parents who claim free school meals, have low incomes, or claim benefits will likely be able to claim the added support for their children’s uniforms.

You may be able to get help buying your child's school uniform.
Julian Claxton/Alamy Stock Photo

The size of the grant and the application process varies between councils, however it usually involves completing an online or paper form that can be emailed or posted to the office of your council.

Applications are usually open between June or July until the end of September, but the deadlines can vary so it’s imperative to check your own council's deadline.

You can find more information about the grant here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@flirtcobain

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