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People left gobsmacked after woman discovers 'mind-blowing' dishwasher hack

People left gobsmacked after woman discovers 'mind-blowing' dishwasher hack

"I was today years old when I learned my dishwasher could do this."

People have been left gobsmacked after a TikToker shared a ‘mind-blowing’ dishwasher hack they’d never seen before.

Check it out below:

TikTok is full of all kinds of handy hacks that help make life a little easier, whether it’s a way to open stubborn jars or a tip that lets you clean stained Tupperware.

A recent post from @truearthmovement offered up a neat little trick for the dishwasher, racking up 3.5 million views from impressed users.

They said: “I was today years old when I learned my dishwasher could do this.”

They added in the caption: “More room = less hand washing.”

Most people tend to have it sitting upright in the bottom drawer.

Obviously, it depends on the model of dishwasher you have, but it turned out the one in the video had more than one way of storing the cutlery holder.

One option showed it sitting upright in the bottom drawer, as many people are used to seeing, while a second saw it laid down flat in the door, in turn making more room for plates and bowls.

You can also lay it down flat in the door.

When someone commented to say it ‘can also go in the front’ by being hooked over the edge of the bottom drawer, the TikToker posted another video, writing: “I was ALSO today years old when I learned my dishwasher can do this.”

They also added a 'mind-blown' emoji, just to hit it home.

Many people praised the idea in the comments section, with one writing: “I have the same dishwasher and after three years I finally did this."

Another added: “I just found that out like a week ago.”

There's even another way.

Someone else said: “Mine hangs on the front of the rack but I didn't know it could go on the door!"

A fourth wrote: “OMG just got off the couch and mine fits on the door and hangs outside the rack.”

Others, meanwhile, were a little disappointed after realising their model of dishwasher didn’t boast the same feature.

One joked that it must be for ‘high-end dishwashers’, with another saying: "I wish mine did this! I tried this morning and it was a no-go.”

Another commented ‘sadly’: “Immediately ran to my dishwasher. Looked for hooks, none there. Immediately sad.”

If you can't do this with your dishwasher, there's always this woman's hack that helps you fit tall glasses into the top shelf.

Where would we be without TikTok, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@truearthmovement

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