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People Baffled As Woman ‘Deflates’ Pregnant Belly

People Baffled As Woman ‘Deflates’ Pregnant Belly

But... how?!

A mum-to-be has baffled her followers after sharing a video of her 'deflating' her pregnant belly before their very eyes.

TikTok creator Chloe Elizabeth has been documenting her pregnancy journey and, at 30 weeks, decided to show viewers her bizarre new trick.

Watch the video here:

Sharing the mind-blowing trick with her followers, she jokingly wrote: "I was never actually pregnant just sticking it out."

Trying to wrap their heads around what they had just witnessed, viewers took to the comment section of Chloe's video.

"I'm SO confused rn" admitted one.

"Baby’s wondering where it’s house has gone lmao," joked a second, while a third asked: "Where does the baby go tho?"

"The baby went into the back rooms" teased a fourth.

People were baffled by this woman's bizarre skill.

Joining her followers in the comments, the mum-to-be later clarified that the technique was called TVA (Transverse Abdominis) breathing, writing: "TVA breathing is recommended to strengthen your core & pelvic floor in pregnancy. It does NOT harm the baby in any way".

During labour, the TVA muscles work with the uterus and the pelvic floor to push a baby out, so gentle exercises to strengthen and stretch those muscles can be super beneficial to expecting mums.

One TikTok user who recognised exactly what Chloe was doing with her baby belly commented: "Doing that actually helps your core stay strong."

Another, who had tried it herself with little success admitted: "I tried doing this when I was pregnant with my twins I swear I nearly vommed."

Chloe clarified that she was practicing TVA breathing.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chloeelizabethrosee

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