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Mother Will Have To Deliver Her Baby Twice Following Incredible Surgery

Mother Will Have To Deliver Her Baby Twice Following Incredible Surgery

This is incredible!

A young mum-to-be will have to deliver her baby twice in the space of 11 weeks after undergoing an impressive surgery for her unborn child.

Expecting mother and TikToker Jaiden Ashlea (@jaiden.ashlea) shared the details of the incredible medical procedure when curious followers wondered why doctors had but her baby back inside of her.

Watch her explain here:

Jaiden revealed that she and her partner were previously told by doctors there was 'no hope' for their baby, who had spina bifida and could be born 'brain dead'.

But after refusing to give up hope on their child, the couple found a doctor in Orlando, Florida, that specialised in open foetal surgery.

Open foetal surgery involves opening up the uterus during pregnancy to operate on the unborn baby's back and close the spina bifida lesion.


According to the NHS, spina bifida is a form of neural tube defect, which can form in early pregnancy and leads to defects in the spinal cord and vertebrae.

People with spina bifida can experience weakness or paralysis in their legs, bowel incontinence, a loss of skin sensation in the legs, and in some cases, a build up of fluid that can damage the brain.

As part of the procedure, which she underwent 19 weeks into her pregnancy, Jaiden explained that doctors took the foetus out of her womb by opening her up 'like a c-section' before putting it back inside her.

The mum-to-be now continues to carry her baby after a successful surgery, and will deliver them for a second time in a matter of weeks.


Viewers were stunned by Jaiden's procedure, and took to the comments of her video to marvel at the story.

"Wow! Incredible that we live in a world that Dr's can do this. amazing. wish you a quick recovery," commented one viewer.

"What a phenomenal world we live in! The technology is unreal!" raved a second.

"That is amazing! Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy," wrote a third.

Featured Image Credit: jaiden.ashlea/Tiktok

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