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Woman shares how she got 'actually incredible' amount of food from Pret for £4

Woman shares how she got 'actually incredible' amount of food from Pret for £4

Nicola Kershaw used the Too Good to Go app to order a haul from Pret worth way more than the £4.29 she spent

A woman has shared how she managed to get an ‘actually incredible’ amount of food from Pret for just £4. Find out what she got here:

TikToker Nicola Kershaw (@nicola.kershaw) said she ‘had’ to make a video to show off her amazing haul, which included everything from a croissant and an açai bowl to numerous fully-loaded baguettes and soup.

Kershaw, 20, impressed her fellow social media users with her bag of food, revealing how she spent a total of £4.29 for everything.

Her video, which racked up more than 70,000 views, showed her going through the stash one by one, getting increasingly excited by the goodies inside.

Kershaw shared her 'incredible' haul on TikTok.

Kershaw explained she had ordered the food on Too Good to Go, an app designed to sell off surplus stock from restaurants, cafes, takeaways and shops at a reduced price, in order to stop items ending up in the bin.

It acts as a bit of a lucky dip, as users pay a set price for a range of food put together by the seller that needs to go, but is all still absolutely fine to eat.

"I’m not being funny, I had to make this TikTok,” Kershaw said.

"I ordered a Too Good to Go bag from Pret."

She continued: "Just wait for it.

“So I went in to collect it and she was like, ‘Oh do you want a soup as well?’

“And I was like, ‘Yeah!’

"So I got a vegetable soup.”

She even got some soup as a bonus.

Kershaw then proceeded to list everything else that she had received.

"This is actually incredible.

“I got a salmon and egg protein bowl. I love those.

“A croissant... Just wait for it, because this keeps on coming!”


And, she wasn't wrong as Kershaw pulled out some more goodies.

This included a salmon and cream cheese sandwich, a falafel and chipotle wrap, an açai bowl with almond butter and ‘loads of fruit’, a chicken and avocado sandwich, a posh cheddar and pickle baguette, a brie and cranberry baguette, an avocado, olive and tomato baguette and a salmon and egg salad bowl.


Kershaw said: "So I got all of this, and the soup, for £4.29. What?!

"If you haven’t got a Too Good to Go bag yet, from anywhere, I’d highly recommend it."

In the caption, she added that she was ‘so impressed’ by the bag of food - and so were other TikTokers.

This isn't even the full lot.

One commented: “Stop!!! Lunch sorted for the week! I'm upset."

Another said: “I LOVE too good to go! that’s an absolutely banging haul tho.”

A third wrote: “That’s incredible.”

Another pointed out the lucky dip nature of the app meant you didn’t always get such an impressive bag, writing: "I did too good to go with pret before and all I got was 3 pots of porridge!"

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Featured Image Credit: @nicola.kershaw/TikTok

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