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Woman confronts apartment doorman after he 'ate her food delivery'

Woman confronts apartment doorman after he 'ate her food delivery'

Is there anything worse than having your food taken from you?

A confused apartment resident was forced to confront her doorman after he allegedly helped himself to some of the food she'd ordered before she had chance to collect it.

I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything that would make me more annoyed than looking forward to an epic takeaway, only to find someone else has started to dig in to it first. Truly atrocious.

With that in mind, it's no wonder TikToker Vertell Davies decided to confront her doorman after she found that a slice of her pizza had been taken after she'd ordered and paid for it.

In a TikTok shared online, Vertell could be heard asking the doorman in her '$3k (£2,700) a month' apartment why he'd eaten her food, to which he seemingly responded to say he wasn't sure anybody was coming to collect it.

Vertell argued she'd been in the gym when the food had been delivered and pointed out that the doorman eating her food could result in him getting fired - though she stressed she wasn't going to be the one to turn him in.

Vertell claimed the doorman initially said her food had been returned.

"I'm not going to say anything, but like, that's f**ked up," she commented.

Vertell suggested the doorman had attempted to claim the delivery drivers had taken her food back, but the person who brought the pizza insisted it had been left at her building.

"You didn't have to sit here and lie to me and be like 'oh I don't know where your food is at and they left already', that's crazy to me," she told the doorman.

The doorman could be heard offering to compensate Vertell for taking her food, but she insisted he didn't have to, expressing belief he must have been hungrier than she was if he was willing to eat someone else's food.

The doorman offered to pay Vertell for her food.

In an update shared after her initial TikTok went viral, Vertell told viewers she hadn't reported the doorman, but that he'd told his employers what had happened on the advice of one of his co-workers.

As a result of the pizza theft, the doorman was apparently suspended from his role. I'd question whether it was worth it, but pizza is often worth it, so we won't get into that.

As for why Vertell didn't insist on the doorman refunding the money she'd spent, she explained it was 'only $13' (£11) and she could live without it, whereas the doorman eating her food made her think twice about how he might need it more than her.

Vertell did end up getting a refund from UberEats as she'd initially reported the food as not being delivered, but that was before the doorman handed it over with the 'missing slice'.

The lesson here is simple: when it comes to food - or anything else that isn't yours, for that matter - don't take it without asking.

Featured Image Credit: @vertelldavis/TikTok

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