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People are flooding to social media equally as flabbergasted as a guest over a server's handling of someone's wedding cake.

Weddings... I can't really say much about them given I've not had one and maybe never will, but if I was to have a whole day perfectly planned out and laboriously saved up for, I think I'd have a major meltdown if I saw my celebratory cake being handled like this.

Prepare for your jaw to drop.

A guest was left shocked over a server's dismantling of a wedding cake.

The video - uploaded to TikTok by Breann Hart - shows a guest in a smart all-black suit paired with a red tie joined by a woman heading over to a table to grab a slice of the wedding cake. They've got their priorities straight.

Alas, the guests are faced with a server who uses not a knife, or cake slicer, but HER HAND to saw off the top half of the cake, picking it up and ripping it off, leaving icing with jagged edges and the man's eyes wide and mouth gaping in shock.

He despairingly looks around, trying to connect with anyone else at the wedding who could share the trauma of seeing such an atrocity take place.

The guest finally clocks he's being filmed and mouths to the camera: "What the f**k?! What the f**k's going on?!"

It's a sight to say the least.

Unfortunately, the cake smashing, bashing or whatever it is that's going on doesn't stop there either, the server coming back, hungry for more.

They then pick up a cake cutter, but instead of nicely slicing up the dessert, start pummelling and prodding away at the inside!

Thankfully, the guest manages to get a slice and walks off as confused as we all are after seeing what's just occurred.

It may not look great, but as my mum would say, it still tastes the same.

Viewers of the bamboozling video have flooded to the post in stunned awe over why the server decided to cut the cake in such a manner.

One TikTok user wrote: "I have never seen a person serve a cake more angrily."

"I thought maybe they forgot to pay for the cake and it was being repossessed by the baker," another said.

A third commented: "She just pulled your cakes skull cap back and dug into it. Savagery!!!!"

"Omg. The non slip mat between the layers," a fourth added.

And a final simply resolved: "That is 100 percent not how you cut a tiered cake."

Hopefully it's just a one-off.

Other users who have experience in the wedding cake industry also weighed in.

One user explained the usual way the celebratory cakes are dealt with: "The cake usually goes to the back/ kitchen to be cut and plated.

"At least that's what happened at the weddings I served."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@breannholobaugh

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