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Toblerone is launching a limited edition pink bar this Valentine's Day

Toblerone is launching a limited edition pink bar this Valentine's Day

The chocolate brand has pulled out all the stops for their take on the day of love

The well-known chocolate brand is launching a limited edition bar in the run up to Valentine's Day.

But it won't just be the packaging that's having a makeover for the day of love, as confectionary lovers can get excited over the all-new pink chocolate bar.

Toblerone have launched a limited edition pink chocolate bar for Valentine's Day.

Best known for their distinctive triangular structure and nougat filling, Toblerone is now launching a brand new chocolate bar in time for Valentine's Day.

With the option to personalise the packaging for your loved ones, the chocolate bar tells its fans to not 'hold back on love' this year.

Keeping things realistic, the Swiss chocolate brand also promises to 'make sure your life is sweet anyway' if a future Valentine doesn't work out in the end.

Toblerone's official website encourages romancers to: "Be brave and express your feelings with a Toblerone."

It adds: "If the love doesn’t work out, that’s okay - we make sure you’ll be covered with sweetness."

"Be brave and express your feelings with a Toblerone."

The limited edition bar isn't just different in colour but the minds behind Toblerone have also experimented with a new flavour that seemingly matches its berry-pink complexion.

According to a press release from Toblerone, the company is 'encouraging' people to take the plunge and 'embrace relationships'.

So, for this Valentines, the chocolate company are offering those who gift a bar an 'insurance policy'

Effectively, this means that if the love 'doesn't work out', people can redeem their Toblerone voucher on their website.

The idea, the release explains, is meant to give people 'peace of mind' when they gift a Toblerone on Valentine's Day.

"Celebrate your love that feels as special as a limited edition Pink Bar," the sweet treat's description reads.

"Nothing says romance like a pink Toblerone."

Combining the 'indulging tastes' of raspberries, strawberries and white chocolate - it's fair to say that avid-chocolate connoisseurs were intrigued.

Approving of the flavours, one Twitter user wrote: "Pink and white choc is my fave, I can't miss this!"

Keeping things independent for the special occasion, another posted: "I bought myself a Valentines themed Toblerone and it’s pink and raspberry and strawberry flavoured and it’s so good omg."

"Nothing says romance like a pink Toblerone," joked a third.

However, others were not impressed by the price-tag attached to the limited edition bar.

"I wanted that pink Toblerone until I saw that its priced at £17. Yeah never mind," wrote one Twitter user.

The limited edition pink chocolate bar currently retails for £17 on the official Toblerone website.

Featured Image Credit: Toblerone

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