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Why You Need To Stop Putting Your Vodka In The Freezer, Immediately

Lydia Smith

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Why You Need To Stop Putting Your Vodka In The Freezer, Immediately

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

Many of us keep our vodka in the freezer to ensure our cocktails are deliciously ice-cold when we mix them, but this is a mistake, according to one expert.

Francois Thibault, who is best known for developing Grey Goose as well as other brands of spirits, says we should avoid keeping vodka in the freezer if we want it to taste great.

Speaking to Business Insider, he claimed chilling vodka in a freezer impairs the flavour.

Credit: Richard B. Levine/SIPA USA/PA Images
Credit: Richard B. Levine/SIPA USA/PA Images

"The best temperature for Grey Goose is 0-4 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature of a slight dilution with ice in a mixing glass," he said.

There is an exception to the rule, according to Francois. Cheap vodka can be too "aggressive" if kept at room temperature - adding ice cubes can help get rid of the "burning notes".

The spirit freezes at around -27C, which is considerably colder than the temperature of our standard household freezers.

Claire Smith, head of spirit creation and mixology at Belvedere, said in an interview with Complex that vodka tastings are carried out at room temperature.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"The textural differences are present. However, the second you start to chill a vodka, texture becomes even more important," she explained.

"The flavour and the personality of the raw material become more subdued, but texture moves in the opposite direction.

"The spirit becomes more viscous, richer. It coats the mouth. But there is a tipping point; when you freeze vodka, you being to lose everything."

Instead you need to find a "sweet spot" in which you have a cold drink with "viscosity" in which the "characteristic of the grain" comes through.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Many of us think of vodka as a drink that is only good when combined with a strong flavoured mixer.

"Vodka shouldn't be thought of as tasteless," Claire said. "A good vodka should be full of flavour, aroma, and have a soft mouth feel.


"All of that is a result of the quality of the ingredients you distill from. The spirit should retain some of the personality of the raw material."

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Lydia Smith
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