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Two Second Avocado Trick Tells You If It's Good To Eat

Two Second Avocado Trick Tells You If It's Good To Eat

We can’t believe it’s this easy.

As much as we loved some smashed avocado on toast for brunch (or even if we just want our everyday breakfast to be slightly boujie), there’s nothing worse than prepping our food to feel our avocados turned to a mushy pulp.

Well, it turns out there’s a far easier way to see if our avocados are good enough to eat.

Watch the video below.


Taking to TikTok, user @gannweather showed the super simple hack – and honestly, we can’t believe we never did this.

It’s just as easy to see if an avocado is ready for the bin as well – if the underneath layer is brown, it means it’s close to going off, and if it’s white, it’s ready for the bin.

Problem = solved.

And TikTok is loaded with hacks that can keep avocados fresh for longer.

Nothing beats an avocado breakfast (

Taking to the video sharing platform, @allthingsbg revealed a super easy way to stop the fruit turning brown and mushy overnight.

And the trick certainly seemed to work, with other TikTokers mega impressed at the idea.

One wrote: "Heck yeah! Those things are too expensive to going to waste!"

While another said: "This is a must try."

And a third added: "I gotta try it." 

In other avocado news, everyone is eating avocado fries now.

Avocado fries are popular (

And they look so delicious, we might even replace our classic potatoey French fries with them. Who would have thought it?

These gorgeous crispy treats are fairly easy to make.

To cook one tray of avo fries, simply purchase two large avocados and slice them down into wedge shapes – each avocado will provide around eight or so chunky wedges.

After seasoning them with liberal sprinklings of salt and pepper, you can then crisp up the fries by dipping the avocado wedges in egg before coating them liberally in breadcrumbs.

You can read more about how to prepare them here.

Featured Image Credit: @gannweather/TikTok

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