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This Smashed Avocado Hack Proves You've Been Making It All Wrong

This Smashed Avocado Hack Proves You've Been Making It All Wrong

There’s no need to cut your avo with this clever hack.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

One of our favourite lockdown lunches has to be the classic avocado on toast, but isn't it infuriating when your avocado just isn't ripe enough, or overripe before you get the chance to use it? And usually we've cut into the avo before noticing. Yep, we've been there.

But now an insightful (and quite frankly, magical) hack shared on Youtube has revealed a new way of mashing our avocados - and there's not a knife in sight.

Take a look at the video below to see how it's done:

The short clip, titled "Avocado Hack: Do not cut the avocado - Try this new way" was originally shared on Youtube channel Taste This Now.

The clever vid shows that, with minimal effort, we can all achieve a delish-looking mashed avocado on toast.

Instead of cutting into an avocado and then mashing it (too much work if you ask us), the Youtuber simply squeezes all around the avocado and then removes its stem and squeezes gently to get the filling out.

The clever hack begins by showing the Youtuber gently squeezing around the avocado (
Taste This Now/Youtube)

The Youtuber then goes on to pour the filling onto the toast, spreading it out as they go. And it's as simple as it looks.

Taste This Now explains: "Simply give a ripe avocado a gentle squeeze all the way around, remove the top little hard piece and gently squeeze it out."

"Then you can leave the rest back in the fridge until you need it and it won't brown or you can use it all up with no washing."

And, as long as the avocado itself is ripe, this nifty trick should work every time.

This nifty trick demonstrates how to mash an avocado without cutting it (
Taste This Now/Youtube)

Fans of avocado on toast were just as thrilled by this hack as the original poster.

"Wow! what an interesting avocado hack. We will have to try that," said one, while another commenter called the hack "genius!"

There's no need to cut your avocado in half with this clever hack (

We're equally as impressed tbh.

BRB, going to try this out right now.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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