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Avocado Fries Are The Perfect Snack For Avo Lovers

Avocado Fries Are The Perfect Snack For Avo Lovers

Fancy putting a spin on the brunchtime classic?

Are you getting a little bored with your usual Saturday brunch order of avocado on toast? Fancy trying something a little more adventurous?

Well, we may have something just for you.

Avocado fries are the latest snack trend that all foodies are trying, taking Instagram by storm as it puts a fresh new twist on an old classic.

People are giving avocado fries a crack (

And they look so delicious, we might even replace our classic potatoey French fries with them. Who would have thought it?

These gorgeous crispy treats are fairly easy to make.

To cook one tray of avo fries, simply purchase two large avocados and slice them down into wedge shapes – each avocado will provide around eight or so chunky wedges.

After seasoning them with liberal sprinklings of salt and pepper, you can then crisp up the fries by dipping the avocado wedges in egg before coating them liberally in breadcrumbs.

Put in an oven that’s around 200 degrees Celsius for about seven minutes before flipping your fries over, and then voila!

Your tasty and relatively healthy treat is ready for sharing (or scoffing).

With its crispy, crunchy outside and soft, creamy centre, the avocado fries are a symphony of texture, and make the perfect snack or side dish.

We recommend serving them alongside a rich, sundried tomato dipping sauce for an extra kick, a creamy sriracha or even a tangy garlic aioli if you’re feeling fancy.

In other viral food news that’s ever so slightly *less* healthy for you, many budding bakers are taking their hand to garlic bread crumpets.

The mouthwatering concoction was first shared by TikToker @foodmadesimple, who first takes five crumpets before cutting them into quarters and arranging them in a baking dish.

They then coat the crumpets in plenty of melted garlic butter (drool) before adding a generous helping of cheese.

Garlic bread crumpets are also popular (
TikTok - foodmadesimple)

All you need to do is pop in the oven for around 10 mins until the cheese has melted and the crumpets are golden brown – and trust us, the end result is to die for.

Looks like we’ve got loads of recipes to crack out this week!

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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