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Woman Shares Simple Hack To Keep Avocados Fresh

Woman Shares Simple Hack To Keep Avocados Fresh

This is a game changer!

A woman on TikTok has shared a clever hack to keep your avocado fresh - and it's a must try!

Taking to the video sharing platform, @allthingsbg revealed a super easy way to stop the fruit turning brown and mushy overnight.

You can watch the video below:

"Okay so I wanted to do this hack that everyone's doing on TikTok with this avocado," she said.

And the trick certainly seemed to work, with other TikTokers mega impressed at the idea.

One wrote: "Heck yeah! Those things are too expensive to going to waste!"

While another said: "This is a must try."

And a third added: "I gotta try it."

The woman wanted to try a hack she'd seen on TikTok (

Others joked that they never have any leftover avocado to store, with one adding: "What’s leftover avocado? 😋 This is a good hack, I’ll have to try it out."

And another said: "Here’s my hack. Eat the whole avocado 🥑. Bam 💥."

Others shared their own avocado hacks, with one person explaining they wrap theirs in foil.

"I wrap mine in foil paper and stays green," they wrote.

And another said: "I put mine wrapped in a moist hand towel inside a ziplock bag and also last several days without getting mushy."

"Just put coconut oil on the cut sliced and it will still be fresh.. try it I promise you’ll keep doing it," suggested another.

Others shared their own avocado hacks (

And a third said: "Put the avocado with [a] cut onion."

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