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Viewers left 'shocked and frustrated' after true crime docu-series from Tinder Swindler creators drops

Viewers left 'shocked and frustrated' after true crime docu-series from Tinder Swindler creators drops

It tells the true story behind the savage murder of a British couple in Central America

The latest true crime documentary series by the creators of The Tinder Swindler has dropped, and it's left viewers 'shocked and frustrated'.

Netflix viewers went wild when the streaming platform released The Tinder Swindler back in 2022.

The documentary delved into the life of Shimon Hayut - who used Tinder to con women into giving him millions of dollars to fund his expensive lifestyle - and followed his victims as they hunt him down to try and recover the money he stole.

Last month, its creator Raw TV released another shocking true crime offering - gap-year-gone-wrong documentary series Dead in the Water.

In the late 1970s, junior doctor Chris Farmer and his girlfriend, law graduate Peta Frampton, set out on a dream trip through Central America.

But their adventure soon turned into a nightmare when they were brutally murdered and the case went cold.

Four decades later, their families began their own investigation into what happened to the couple and it led to a shocking discovery.

The three-part series, directed by Niamh Kennedy, retells the incredible story, from the moment Chris and Peta met a stranger at a bar in Belize to their bodies later being found by local fishermen in the waters off Guatemala.

Dead in the Water tells the story of the brutal murder of Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton, and how their killer was caught 40 years later.
Prime Video

We discover the truth of what happened to the couple as a witness comes forward, as well as the string of mistakes made by police in their investigation, including losing records of the case.

And, the final episode details how Chris' sister Penny's online investigation into a suspect eventually resulted in authorities catching the killer, using modern technology to solve a decades-old case.

Dead in the Water dropped on Prime Video last month and it's left viewers reeling.

TikTok user @flixwithjay said: "Every episode had me locked in. Shock, frustration, sadness are just some of the emotions I was going through when I was watching this.

"I always say that watching these crime documentaries makes you realised just how messed up human beings can be."

Viewers have been left 'shocked and frustrated' by the devastating story.
Prime Video

A second TikToker @cometcrime recommended the series, saying it featured 'surprise-upon-surprise' and was told 'through the families' eyes, so you really get a feel for the raw emotional journey's travelled by the families."

One standout moment comes from Chris' mother, Audrey Farmer.

Now in her 90s, she recalls how she didn't want her son to go to Central America: "I don’t think many parents would. But you can’t clip a kid’s wings; you’ve got to let them fly."

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