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This Morning fans call for Josie and Craig to get bonus after car crash Michael Barrymore interview

This Morning fans call for Josie and Craig to get bonus after car crash Michael Barrymore interview

Fans of the ITV show say the encounter with the TV star was 'painful'

This Morning fans are calling for two of the show’s hosts to get a bonus after an absolute car crash of an interview.

It’s the summer holidays which means the ITV show has a bit of a shake-up with its presenters – even more than it has done over recent months anyway.

Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson have been standing in for host Holly Willoughby, who is out enjoying a break in Portugal.

Yesterday (3 August) they interviewed entertainer Michael Barrymore.

The 71-year-old used to present a string of TV programmes in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s including Kids Say the Funniest Things and Strike it Lucky.

Now, Michael is back in the limelight after racking up a huge 1.7million followers on TikTok. He’s also co-directing the new production, Laurel & Chaplin – The Feud.

But his appearance on This Morning got pretty chaotic and his he shouted across the studio before being interviewed: “I thought it was Alison and the other one, who are you two?

“Who are they? I know the names of all the cameramen but I don’t know you two.” He even impersonated Craig’s Irish accent.

When the show returned from an ad break, he joined the presenters on the sofa, saying the ranting was all just an act to entertain the viewers.

Speaking of his surprise TikTok fame, Michael told them: “The majority of my audience are 18 to 24 and there's a whole new audience around the world, and now I'm sitting here talking to you. I'm happy.”

However, before the interview wrapped up, the star joked again about not knowing who Craig or Josie are.

He said: “I’ve never met you. I know the crew. I recognise that man. I don't know you.”

The hosts laughed off the awkward situation.

A total professional, Craig laughed off the awkward situation as he joked: “I think you’d remember me with my accent.”

Viewers wrote on social media that the interview was ‘painful’ as one said: “Hope josie and Craig are getting a bonus for this discomfort.”

Another put: “This is excruciating. Why is Barrymore being so insulting towards Josie, Craig and the show in general. No need.”

Afterwards though, it seemed Michael was pretty happy with his time on the show, writing on socials: “Thank you for having me @thismorning x.”

Some viewers evidentially loved the interview too, saying it was ‘great to see’ the TV star back. And another said: “Loved @MrBarrymore on #thismorning. Miss the chaos he used to cause on his shows.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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