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This Morning viewers threaten to 'stop watching' unless Craig Doyle joins permanently

This Morning viewers threaten to 'stop watching' unless Craig Doyle joins permanently

Fans know exactly who they want to replace Phillip Schofield

This Morning viewers have threatened to 'stop watching' unless Craig Doyle joins the show permanently.

Ever since Phillip Schofield left the hit ITV show a few months back (20 May), This Morning has seen quite the rotation of co-presenters joining the programme to help Holly Willoughby with her presenting duties.

The daytime show has now fully entered what Willoughby has referred to as a 'new chapter' following Schofield's departure which came shortly before he admitted to having an affair with a younger colleague.

Fans know exactly who they want to replace Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

The ever-changing line-up of co-hosts has so far included the likes of Dermott O'Leary, Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson.

However, it seems fans have settled on exactly who they want to join the roster and take over Schofield's position on a more permanent basis.

Not only have the die-hard This Morning fans pointed to who their favourite co-host is, but they've also claimed they'll boycott the show altogether if they don't see Doyle, 52, featuring on the sofa full-time.

Doyle, an Irish TV and radio presenter, is most recognisable after working for the BBC and ITV and, more recently, BT Sport.

However, it seems his fleeting appearances on This Morning have definitely been received with an extremely warm welcome.

Viewers have since flocked to social media to share their verdict, calling for network bosses to instate Doyle as a full-time member of the This Morning family.

Audiences are pleading with producers to announce Craig Doyle as the 'permanent' co-host.

One Twitter user posted: "Craig Doyle establishing in cement his credentials to replace Phil 100%."

A second pleaded to producers: "This Morning has got to make Craig Doyle the permanent host, he is lovely, great personality and complements Holly Willoughby on the sofa, fits in with the team like a glove."

A third echoed: "I think Craig Doyle should get the This Morning gig full time, he seems the natural fit."

"Just hand Craig Doyle the permanent #ThisMorning gig and that's PROBLEM SOLVED," wrote a fourth.

Others, however, took their enthusiasm that one step further and claimed they would go as far as to boycott the show if their demands weren't met.

Some viewers threatened to 'boycott' the show altogether.

One fan tweeted: "Me and my mother will boycott this morning if Craig Doyle doesn’t get the job. Easy on the eyes."

Another warned: "Tbh I'll probably stop watching if they lose Craig."

While the news of who Schofield's replacement has not yet been confirmed, ITV has previously shared an update on the matter earlier last month.

A spokesperson said that any further announcements concerning future presenters of the show would be made 'in due course'.

"In the meantime," they added, "we will draw on the This Morning family for presenters to co-present with Holly."

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