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'Confused' viewers spot 'annoying' detail in new psychological thriller series The Couple Next Door

'Confused' viewers spot 'annoying' detail in new psychological thriller series The Couple Next Door

Some couldn’t help but notice a bizarre detail about the show, which left them feeling 'confused'

‘Confused’ viewers have spotted an ‘annoying’ detail in a brand new psychological thriller series on Channel 4, having taken to social media to share their frustration with others - only to find many had clocked the same thing.

Watch the trailer for the new show here:

Starring Eleanor Tomlinson, Sam Heughan, Alfred Enoch, Hugh Dennis and Jessica De Gouw, The Couple Next Door is a steamy psychological thriller billed by Channel 4 as a ‘scintillating drama’.

It follows a young couple after they move to the suburbs and strike up a fast friendship with their new neighbours, only to soon be left wondering if their new pals are a little too friendly...

The Couple Next Door is a deliciously dark, psychological drama, exploring the claustrophobia of suburbia and the fallout of chasing your deepest desires,” Channel 4 says.

“Directed by Dries Vos (Suspect, Professor T) and written by David Allison (Bedlam, Marcella) the six-part series is an addictive, emotional roller coaster and looks at how we never know what goes on behind closed doors.”

The new series started last night (27 November).
Channel 4

After the first episode hit screens last night (27 November), viewers were instantly hooked to the drama.

However, some couldn’t help but notice a bizarre detail about the show, which left them feeling 'confused'.

One tweeted: “Watching The Couple Next Door on Channel 4, and it's really annoying how the buildings are not in the UK. They've tried to disguise it with UK looking cars, but the street architecture, building design and even brick sizes are all none UK.”

Someone else said: “Anyone else watching The Couple Next Door and feeling deeply confused over where it’s supposed to be set?”

The external shots confused some people.
Channel 4

A third wrote: “What are these suburban / US style houses? And also have you noticed how long everyone’s ‘looks’ are. Look out of the window. HOLD. Look at the bins. HOLD, loooooooookie through the telescope.”

Someone else added: “Gives me the Sex Education vibe where it could be anywhere but also not actually anywhere at all.”

A fifth joked: “The Couple Next Door: it seems to be monsoon season in Leeds.”

While the series was filmed in Leeds, it was also shot in Belgium and the Netherlands - which should explain why something seemed not quite right to some people.

Doesn't look like Leeds to us.
Channel 4

But according to director Dries Vos, this is entirely intentional.

Vos told Channel 4 that much of the show was filmed in Belgium as this is where the production company is based, but as they ‘couldn’t find the right street there’, crew turned to a spot in the Netherlands for crucial external shots.

He explained: “It is set in Leeds, but the houses and streets, everything feels a bit off.

“The suburbs in Mr and Mrs Smith were one of our references as well as certain European ideas so it’s like a melange of looks that, especially during the nights, can look like a fairy-tale.

“There are a lot of dream sequences in there as well. And so, all these add up. It feels a little bit off, and not too realistic, and that’s what I like about it.”

You can watch all six episodes of The Couple Next Door via Channel 4 on demand now.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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