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Netflix viewers left 'confused' after season 4 trailer drops of 'iconic' series

Netflix viewers left 'confused' after season 4 trailer drops of 'iconic' series

The superhero hit will be returning in August

We're all guilty of feeling defensive of our favourite television shows.

Whether you're getting stick for fancying Colin Bridgerton, or being branded a weirdo for sitting through a harrowing true-crime documentary, we can't help the shows we love.

This week, however, fans of a particularly Netflix gem have been forced to defend their favourite series after a recently-dropped trailer for the fourth instalment left many viewers absolutely baffled.

Fans of superhero drama series The Umbrella Academy will already know exactly what I'm talking about.

But for those unfamiliar with the star-studded hit - which stars the likes of Juno star Elliot Page and Misfits actor Nathan Stewart-Jarrett - allow us to fill you in...

The on-screen banger - based off the comic book series of the same name - centres on a rather dysfunctional family of super-powered adopted youngsters, all of whom came together all the way back in series one to solve the mystery of their father's murder, as well as impending apocalypse.

Thankfully, the seven-man gang survived, and producers have gone on to fork out a further three instalments.

And earlier today - after much anticipation, the trailer for the fourth season finally landed, delighting fans around the world.

"It’s been so long I’ve watched the umbrella academy can’t wait for season four," one fan tweeted this morning.

Another went on: "I’m so excited that The Umbrella Academy is back but I’m MORE excited that it’s not being split up into 2 parts!"

The series will return in August. (Netflix)
The series will return in August. (Netflix)

Other viewers, however, have been left disappointed by the long-awaited teaser, with many eagle-eyed fans of the show picking up on one, rather confusing aspect.

That's because in the trailer, the seven central characters appear to be exhibiting their superpowers once again, despite producers previously shocking viewers by having the stars lose their powers in an epic battle at the end of series three.

If you once again need a reminder, Luther previously had super strength, Diego had trajectory manipulation - allowing him to control projectiles, Allison could influence people to her command with the phrase 'I heard a rumour...', Five could teleport and time travel, Klaus was a medium and Ben could release monsters from his body.

In the last series, however, Sir Reginald Hargreeves horrified fans by stripping the group of their abilities, having seemingly decided that they completed their sole purpose.

But by the looks of things, the group appear to have regained their abilities in the trailer, leaving many viewers 'confused'.

The group appear to have gotten their powers back. (Netflix)
The group appear to have gotten their powers back. (Netflix)

"Holy cow! Can’t wait. How do they get their powers back?" one questioned on social media.

Another went on: "So confused by this trailer. Didn’t they all lose their power?"

A third simply tweeted: "I know the previous seasons have been so so, but I'm still looking forward to this. I'm looking to forward to them being comfortable with their abilities and relationships. Enough with too much drama and exposition. Hope it ends with a bang!!!!"

Another continued: "okay yea i need a rewatch of the last season im a bit lost"

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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