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Fans ‘screaming’ after someone spots hilarious moment during The Bachelorette that no one could have predicted

Fans ‘screaming’ after someone spots hilarious moment during The Bachelorette that no one could have predicted

The Bachelorette returned for season 21 with some unlikely contestants

Fans of The Bachelorette were left gob-smacked and ‘screaming’ after a clip from the season 21 premiere went viral across social media.

Earlier this week, the 21st series of The Bachelorette starring Jennifer ‘Jenn’ Tran debuted on ABC.

On 8 July, previous show lead Charity Lawson officially made way for the 26-year-old physician assistant from Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Jenn Tran is this season's lead. (ABC)
Jenn Tran is this season's lead. (ABC)

Jenn, who has made history by becoming the first Asian-American to take up the Bachelorette mantle, first appeared on season 28 of the reality TV show’s parent series, The Bachelor.

At the time, she placed fifth, with Joey Graziadei electing to send her home at the last rose ceremony before hometowns.

Despite the setback, Jenn is back in the saddle and has a plethora of men competing in the hopes of winning her heart.

This season of The Bachelorette features competitors such as medical student Dylan Buckor, Jeremy Simon from Connecticut and Pet Portrait Entrepreneur Spencer Conley from Dallas Texas.

Another man who confessed to Jenn that he was a self-proclaimed ‘love virgin’ is 25-year-old entrepreneur Samaun ‘Sam’ Nejad.

He uttered the line during his limo entrance, admitting to Jenn: “I’m a virgin, a love virgin,” with dramatic pauses in tow.

Sam N. proclaimed he was a 'love virgin'. (ABC)
Sam N. proclaimed he was a 'love virgin'. (ABC)

However, Jenn wasn’t the only one present when he made the claim.

In a video posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) it appears that two creatures were featured in the background of the speech.

The two animals, thought to be rats, were chasing each other in the background as Jenn and Sam N spoke and social media went into a meltdown.

After viewing the clip, one X user wrote: “Lmfao that’s called atmosphere.”

A second typed: “It seems like they also want to have a moment... LOL.”

“They didn't even edited it out??? like at least crop it out of the frame,” questioned another user.

A fourth commented: “Rats can get HUGE & still Naruto run like the f****n wind bro. I have personally seen a rat the size of a small dog & damn near fainted after the experience.”

“I’m screaming at the way they got tf outta there,” said another.

However, it appears that the rats and Sam N’s ‘love virgin’ claim didn’t put Jenn off, as she elected to keep him in the competition over the likes of Miami’s Ricky Marinez and Sommelier Dakota Nobles.

You’ll have to tune into the second episode of The Bachelorette next Monday to see how the Californian fares.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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