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Strictly legend James Jordan slams show for allowing Layton Williams to compete

Strictly legend James Jordan slams show for allowing Layton Williams to compete

He hit out against the beloved programme

Television star James Jordan has never held back when it comes to his brutally honest opinion on his fellow big-name celebrities.

After first shooting to fame as a professional dancer on the fourth series of Strictly Come Dancing back in 2004, Jordan, now 45, quickly became a controversial character.

He was known to biting back at the panel of esteemed judges if he and his celebrity partner received harsh criticism, and since leaving the show in 2013, he regularly gives his verdict on the ongoing BBC show on social media.

James Jordan has called out Strictly for allowing West End star, Layton Williams, to compete.

In 2018, James famously slammed the BBC for 'axing' his former professional pal Brendan Cole, accusing the broadcaster of not liking his opinions.

During last year's show, he hit out at football legend Tony Adams for his sports-inspired Cha Cha, dubbing that episode the 'worst' of the series.

When the 2023 series kicked off in September, he accused producers of 'fixing' the show by including cast members that have had dance experience, saying that other stars 'don't have a chance' of winning.

And it is his most recent complaint that he seems to have maintained throughout the duration of this year's show.

In fact, James has specifically lashed out at Bad Education actor Layton Williams, claiming his presence in the Strictly final makes a 'mockery' of the show.


Though he heaped bags of praise onto the talented actor for being the 'best dancer' in the competition, he deemed it unfair for him to be taking part, being that he has undergone professional theatre training.

Speaking about Layton's performance alongside professional partner Nikita Kuzmin on Saturday night, Jordan wrote in his Hello! column: "It’s the best dance I’ve seen in any of the Strictly Come Dancing’s all round the world.

"I loved it, I watched it and thought oh my god that was epic, but does that make it right."

James went on to claim that Layton's inclusion 'tainted' Strictly, adding: "Is that what Strictly is supposed to be. Is that what Strictly has come to that we have fully-trained dancers on the show? For me, it’s not what Strictly is supposed to be.

"It was so good but what is everyone else supposed to do. So for me, I would say to anyone who is thinking of doing Strictly, don’t do Strictly unless you’re a trained dancer."

He continued: "I'm not saying it makes a mockery of the show but it makes it a bit confusing.

"He is a professional dancer and we’re watching performances that none of the professionals on the show can do what he did. Even the professionals aren’t as good as him."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jamesjordan1978 /BBC

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