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Inseparable mother and daughter hit back at trolls after revealing they share underwear

Inseparable mother and daughter hit back at trolls after revealing they share underwear

The duo have come under fire from their online followers

Being close to your mother is one thing - spending time together, taking trips and opening up about the ins and outs of your life - but most of us probably draw the line at sharing underwear with one another.

If you're a fan of TLC reality show sMothered - which focusses on concerning close mother-daughter duo's in America - however, then this bizarre story won't come as much of a surprise to you...

Two stars of the show - Dawn Hubsher and her daughter Cher Hubsher - left their fans both shook and disgusted back in 2021, after revealing that the former once lent the latter a pair of her 'sexy lingerie' to borrow.

And it gets worse when you hear why.

Speaking on the much-loved series, the mother admitted she sought to help her daughter reignite her 'hanky panky' with her husband Jared following the birth of their daughter by sharing her saucy undergarments.

Claiming that nothing between she and Cher is 'off limits', Dawn asked her daughter on the show: "I’m just curious, you’re always together and you’re always with Belle. When do you get alone time? When do you have sex?"

Can you imagine your mum asking you that question? I'm getting second-hand embarrassment just thinking about it.

The duo appear together on the TLC show sMothered.

Horrified, Cher described it as 'one thing when you talk to me about [sex], it’s another when you talk to me about it in front of Jared'.

And - as if that wasn't cringe-worthy enough - Dawn went on: "You know, it’s hard; you’re breastfeeding, you have no babysitter, you’re totally 24/7.

"I think you both need alone time, and if you get the alone time you could have a little hanky panky!"

Later, she offered her daughter her vintage underwear.

"Eww, are these hand-me-downs?" Jared then hit out.

And by the sounds of it, since episode aired, many viewers of the show have sided with him.

A number of viewers dubbed it 'creepy' that the mother-daughter pair share underwear.

In the face of their online criticism, however, the television duo took the opportunity to clap back at their backlash, opting to read out some of their most savage tweets in a YouTube video.

The duo have hit back at their criticism.
YouTube/Cher and Dawn Hubsher

One viewer had penned on social media, "Why am I cringing more hearing Dawn talk about Jared and Cher's sex life tha Cher #Smothered?"

To which the matriarch responded: "Oh my God, I mean, sex is sex, everyone's doing sex. What's the big deal? We're all family, we're all adults."

Another comment read: "Dawn is a very involved mother - she even books places for her daughter to get some 'sexy time' in."

Cher seemingly agreed, telling video viewers: "Yeah, you are saying - you bought me lingerie on television! I literally came to your house and you like literally got a house for us to have sex."

Dawn subsequently hit back: "I think it's very important for a relationship to have intimate time - it just brings the couple closer look. I've been married 38 years - I think I know a little bit."

A final comment went on to confess, "Dawn creeps me out," before she jibed: "Oh why though? I'm just being me and I'm trying to care - you know you care about your kids and you want the best... sorry I creep you out!"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@CherHubsherandDawnHubsher

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