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Viewers brand mother-daughter relationship 'weird' after revealing intimate details of their lives

Viewers brand mother-daughter relationship 'weird' after revealing intimate details of their lives

The 'sMothered' duo have sparked a mixed reaction from telly-watchers

With Mother's Day on the horizon, you might be considering all the different fun-fuelled ways to spend time with your mum this weekend.

Shopping trips, afternoon tea, a night at the theatre, spa day - there are loads of special ways to commemorate your love for the leading lady herself.

You may, however, draw the line at sharing a bed - or even a bath - with your mum, which are both regular occurrences for one particular on-screen mother-daughter duo.

Known for appearing side-by-side in the TLC reality series sMothered, Sunhe, 55 and her 35-year-old daughter Angelica, boast an extremely unconventional relationship.

So much so that this week, the closely-related pair have come under fire for their arguably inappropriate dynamic, with some branding the TV duo as 'weird'.

Speaking on one of the instalments of the US reality series, Sunhe left viewers - quite frankly - staggered after admitting she'd live happily 'without a man' as long as she had her daughter.

She even went one step further, confessing she'd marry a 'male version' of her daughter in a 'heartbeat'.

Later in the show, Angelica tells viewers in a confessional that her mother is the 'closest person' in her life 'ever - even after life'.

The mother-daughter pair are each other's best friends.

And Sunhe definitely agreed with the sweet - if not, over the top - sentiment, almost in tears as she recalled the moment her little girl entered her life.

"When I first saw Angelica, she looked like an angel. I said, 'she is going to be my everything'," she gushed.

And this isn't the first time that the mother-daughter duo have left viewers flabbergasted with a controversial admission.

On a previous episode, the pair confessed to sleeping in the same bed each night and actually sharing their bath water.

Discussing the latter, Angelica explained: "If the water is still hot, we will share the bath water. She'll take a quick bath, then I'll go right after her. She always goes first and I know it makes her happy."

The duo's admission has sparked a mixed reaction.

Sunhe then continued to say: "When she goes into my bath water after I've bathed, it shows much trust and a bond that is unexplainable. It's amazing."

And when it comes to sleeping arrangements, she added: "I'm the little spoon and she's the big spoon."

Naturally, the pair's dynamic has sparked an extremely mixed reaction from viewers of the show.

"That's weird, the mom is definitely in need of help, your child should not fill the void in a personal relationship," one penned on social media.

Another tweeted: "The way they're holding hands while being interviewed is kinda weird."

"Better late than never! If you’ve watched… thoughts on Sunhe and Angelica's super close bond (and their shared bath water )? Sunhe's taken but doesn't want to let her daughter go WTF, right? Is it #CreepyLove or #FamilyDynamics? I say the first - but who am I to judge?" another added.

"There's something VERY wrong in this relationship," someone else said.

Others, however, were much more understanding of their dynamic.

Angelica has since welcomed a child of her own.

"Don’t know what I’d do without my mom either. She’s 95. If anything ever happened to her , she’d take a part of my heart," one wrote.

Another defended the duo: "That love between mother and daughter is beautiful"

Since their time on the show came to an end, it appears as though they've added another member into their close kinship in the form of Angelica's daughter, Amara.

She welcomed the youngster back in 2020 with her partner Jason, whom she appears to be engaged to, but by the looks of her Instagram uploads, mum Sunhe seems to still come first...

Some things never change!

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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