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Viewers can stream all three seasons of raunchy period drama 'that's more shocking that Bridgerton' for free

Viewers can stream all three seasons of raunchy period drama 'that's more shocking that Bridgerton' for free

The Theo James hit is available to stream on ITVX now

If you rattled your way through the eagerly-awaited third season of Bridgerton at record speed when it finally landed on Netflix earlier this month, and suddenly your life feels without purpose again, don't worry. You're not the only one, hun.

But if your obsession with the big-name period-drama has gone one step further, and you simply can't wait for the second-half of the hit show to drop next month, again, try not to fret.

That's because hundreds of Bridgerton fans are hoping to turn their attention to another - similarly raunchy - television banger, which they hope will distract them until Queen Charlotte, Pen and Colin, and the mysterious Lady Whistledown make their return to our screens...

Bridgerton fans will have to wait until 13 June for its return. (Netflix)
Bridgerton fans will have to wait until 13 June for its return. (Netflix)

While many Shondaland production fans are waiting with bated breath, others are branching out and trying more dramas on for size.

One raunchy project that has caught the attention of the masses is Sanditon.

The star-studded offering is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s famously unfinished manuscript.

Originally titled The Brothers, the late author only completed eleven full chapters of the romantic novel before her death in July 1817.

Due to its unfinished nature, Sanditon developer Andrew Davies used the source material to fill out the first episode before expanding the world as he saw fit.

Starring Rose Williams as spirited protagonist Charlotte Heywood, the ITV show is set in a seaside town rife with social change.

As Charlotte arrives at Sanditon for a fresh start, she becomes acquainted with Sidney Parker (Theo James) and his older brother Tom Parker (Kris Marshall).

The brothers’ plan of action is to turn the quiet fishing village into ‘the finest seaside resort on the whole of the south coast’.

But between the business, the provocative Regency-era drama features heartache, steamy sex scenes and male nudity.

Before you jump right in though, you need to know that Sanditon is essentially Bridgerton’s more shocking, less polite older sister.

Over the ‘sexed-up’ three seasons, storylines include incestuous relationships, same-sex love and notes of racism.

However, the content warnings aren’t stopping some Bridgerton fans from falling head-over-heels in love with the project.

Taking to social media to sing Sanditon’s praises, one fan wrote: “Admittedly #Sanditon does have a carriage ride or two that perhaps may be… er… um... considered ‘a little differently rated’ (PG-13?) yet this series is highly recommended and worth the watch while awaiting #Bridgerton S3, Part 2!”

Theo James plays Sidney Parker in Sanditon. (ITV)
Theo James plays Sidney Parker in Sanditon. (ITV)

A second added: “One thing I love about my Bridgeton obsession is how it helps me discover other period dramas either to wean myself off the excitement of one season or to distract myself from waiting for the new season. Sanditon, The Gilded Age, and now The Buccaneers. The Bridgerton effect.”

Another typed: “Omg? they really did a step-bro/step-sis storyline on Sanditon????? SPICY!”

“The energy that Bridgerton has is what the first season of Sanditon deserved, neither forgiveness nor forgetting,” commented someone else.

And to make matters even more delightful, viewers can now stream all three seasons of Sanditon on ITVX now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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