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Real Housewives star Jane Rayner fined £1,500 after spitting in man's face in coffee shop

Real Housewives star Jane Rayner fined £1,500 after spitting in man's face in coffee shop

Real Housewives of Jersey star Jane Rayner has been handed a £1,500 fine after spitting in man's face in Jersey.

Real Housewives star Jane Rayner has been fined £1,500 after spitting in a man's face in a coffee shop in Jersey.

Rayner became a regular fixture on our TV screens between 2020 and 2022 after she starred in the first line-up of The Real Housewives of Jersey - a series part of of the global Housewives franchise.

During her time on the show, Rayner appeared with fellow real housewives Margaret Thompson, the chief executive of Thompson estates, and brand strategist Tessa Hartmann.

However, away from the TV screens, Rayner has got herself into a spot of bother after pleading guilty to assault in court.

St Helier Magistrate's Court heard that the TV star reportedly put her middle finger up at the main in the Jersey capital of Saint Helier.

Centenier Paul Huelin, prosecuting, said that the victim was working on his laptop in the Cooper & Co coffee shop in Castle Quay on 14 August when Rayner walked past the window.

The assault happened in this coffee shop.

This is when she stormed in and assaulted him, according to Huelin.

He said: "She put up her middle finger. Then she entered the coffee shop and gave him verbal abuse. She deliberately spat in his face. It landed on his face and glasses."

Rayner admitted to assault and was slapped with the hefty £1,500 fine as a result.

Defending Paul Nicholls said that there was ill-feeling between Rayner and the main prior to the assault.

He explained: “She has said previously that he intimidated [her]. She is profoundly sorry and embarrassed by her action. It was an incident out of character."

While a tougher sentence could have been possible, Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu agreed with Nicholls' request that the TV star should be handed a fine for the offence.

He told Rayner: "Even if you and the victim are in some disagreement, it does not justify you going into a shop and spitting."

Jane Rayner pleaded guilty in court.

Ironically, Rayner has previously praised Jersey for its low crime rate - in fact, Jersey has one of the lowest crime rates in the British Isles.

In an interview on ITV, she said: "There is hardly any crime and the people here are very friendly."

Earlier this year, Rayner opened up on digestive health issues that left her in agony.

In 2014, she discovered that she was suffering from a Paraduodenal hernia, meaning her intestines were all tangled up.

She said: "Life became almost impossible. They discovered my intestines were wrapped around my pancreas and so food was having difficulty passing through.

"I was told it was very unusual and they had never seen it at my age."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@janeraynerofficial

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