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Netflix fans are going wild for ‘crazy' dating show calling for more episodes

Netflix fans are going wild for ‘crazy' dating show calling for more episodes

The Netflix show has a truly wild premise, and fans are all saying the same thing

What do women want? It’s the age-old question, but the plethora of dating shows on our screens would suggest it’s commitment and loyalty.

We’ve seen it all: Love Island, Married at First Sight, even Ex on the Beach.

But there’s one show of time’s past that really took things to another level, and fans are begging for a comeback.

The show has been described as 'crazy'. (Netflix)
The show has been described as 'crazy'. (Netflix)

Of course, I’m talking about Netflix reality riot The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On - which people dubbed the ‘most toxic show ever’ at the time of its premiere in 2022.

The Ultimatum is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey of Love is Blind fame, and the premise is truly wild.

To summarise, contestants who are considering marriage swap their partners in a bid to test their relationships.

Yep, you heard me - it’s like you giving your significant other away to somebody else for a bit, to see if they really love you.

You live your life on the show as a ‘single’ person, basically trying others on for size. If all goes well, you’ll return to your partner at the end.

The ultimatum in question is then given about whether they should commit to marriage or split.

Despite that being hell on earth as a concept, people signed up in droves and what followed was truly eye-popping TV.

Despite critics being less than kind about the show, us viewers tend to love some car-crash reality telly and we lapped it up.

Viewers begged for more seasons. (Netflix)
Viewers begged for more seasons. (Netflix)

One person wrote on X at the time: “The ULTIMATUM most toxic show ever. LOVED IT."

Another person said: “This show “The Ultimatum” on Netflix is a nasty nasty social experiment.”

Viewers loved the show so much that we even got a second series in 2023, but we’re yet to have a third season, with viewers begging Netflix to make one.


One viewer took to X just last month to say: ”Netflix can go ahead and give us another season of the ultimatum and the circle now…”

Another added: “What netflix needs to do is release another season of The Ultimatum.”

And a third said: “Alright I need The Ultimatum by summer.”

That settles it then.

Give us another season, Netflix!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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