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The Ultimatum Fans Can't Wrap Their Head Around Shocking Pregnancy Reveal

The Ultimatum Fans Can't Wrap Their Head Around Shocking Pregnancy Reveal

No one saw this coming.

Warning: Major spoilers for The Ultimatum ahead!

Reality dating show The Ultimatum has been a total rollercoaster from start to finish, with moments that even left hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey at a loss for words.

But after a series full of dramatic twists and turns, the real shocker came in this week's reunion episode, when all six couples returned six months after filming to update viewers on their relationships.

The wild Netflix series followed a group of couples on the verge of marriage, with one ready to tie the knot and one suffering from cold feet. Over the course of eight weeks, each contestant is pushed to either commit to marriage, or move on, by shacking up with a new potential partner from one of the other couples, to get a glimpse of two different possible futures.

As if the concept wasn't crazy enough, fans were blown away when contestant Madlyn rocked up to the series reunion to announce that she was seven months pregnant with her partner Colby's baby.

Madlyn Ballatori appeared on the series with her long-term boyfriend Colby Kissinger, with him ready to settle down and get married, and her sitting firmly on the fence.

As the series went on, Madlyn eagerly moved in with fellow contestant Randall Griffin while Colby rather reluctantly did the same with April Marie. After both Madlyn and Colby displayed serious red flags over the course of the experiment, fans were certain that this couple wouldn't make it.

Hence, fans were dumbfounded when the couple decided to get engaged after all - even more-so when they proudly announced their pregnancy.

Fans were certain that Madlyn and Colby were a bad match. (

Reacting to the unexpected news, viewers rushed to Twitter to share their utter confusion.

"Okay, am i tripping?" asked one. "Madlyn went from being all up on Randall, to saying she doesn't want to be with Colby, to then saying yes and getting married the same day to now being 7 months pregnant? Wtf happened? Did I miss an episode? Something ain't adding up..#TheUltimatium".

Another tweeted: "I literally nearly spat my food out when Madlyn walked out with her pregnant belly...ya'll this girl literally hated on Colby the entire season...what #TheUltimatumreunion".

And a third added: "Watching Madlyn say yes, get married and pregnant after talking completely smack and hating Colby all season GIRL WHAT".


Others were struggling to wrap their heads around the timeline of Madlyn's pregnancy, after contestant Jake Cunningham revealed that the show only wrapped six months ago.

Colby issued the ultimatum to Madlyn. (

"Madlyn is 7 months pregnant and the show just ended 6 months ago . The math ain’t mathing" tweeted one fan.

A second suggested: "Madelyn and Colby got married because she was pregnant. The show ended 6 month ago and you’re 7 months pregnant?? #theultimatum".

And a third concurred: "they said it was six months since the show ended and madlyn was seven months pregnant.. i think we all know why she said yes to that proposal/engagement."

You can stream the entire season of The Ultimatum on Netflix.

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