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New BBC iPlayer show has 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating with viewers already calling for season two

New BBC iPlayer show has 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating with viewers already calling for season two

Critics and fans are absolutely loving it

If there’s one thing you can count on us for, it’s filling you in on the best things to watch right now.

We’re suckers for anything highly rated by Rotten Tomatoes, a website that gathers reviews from critics all over the internet and gives a TV show or film a ‘score’ out of 100.

100% is the very best you can get - and also extremely rare.

Well, one new series has landed the coveted 100% Fresh score, with critics and fans alike absolutely loving it.

Created by BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Daniel Lawrence Taylor, the British series was broadcast by the BBC on 20 February.

It perfectly balances comedy and drama, following the lives of five Black teens who are offered prestigious an illustrious boarding school akin to the likes of Eton.

Upon arrival, Jaheim (Josh Tedeku), Leah (Jodie Campbell), Omar (Myles Kamwendo), Femi (Aruna Jalloh) and Toby (Sekou Diaby) are thrust into an entirely different way of life with complex social rules that they must learn in order to thrive.

Critics and viewers absolutely love the coming-of-age series.

The coming-of-age six part series - called Boarders - has been lauded as ‘fun, funny and full of messy joy’, with lots of the praise being poured onto the cast.

Journalist Leila Latif said: “Much like Skins did almost two decades ago, the show comes to television with a potential cavalcade of future stars.”

With all episodes available to stream on BBC iPlayer, fans have flooded social media with their own glittering reviews.

One person wrote: “Boarders on BBC is soooo good. Toby def my fave character.”

Another said: “Not enough room in one tweet to describe my thoughts about the tv series Boarders. A home run for Tubi & BBC as a scripted series. It's excellent!! I want this cast at every single upcoming award show and specifically the Black ones!!”

Fans have called for a second season.

A third echoed: "Boarders on BBC is so good."

While others have already called for a second season.

One fan wrote: “Need bbc to announce a Boarders season 2.”

And someone else commented: "Amma need season 2 of Champion, Boarders, Domino Day by tomorrow bbc."

Speaking about the series, Taylor told The Guardian: “When Black people are in white institutions, we deal with it in very different ways.

“That’s what I wanted to do with the characters. When you put them in these environments, how do they survive? Some try to assimilate. Some rebel against it. Some play it to their advantage.”

All six episodes of Boarders are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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