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Netflix viewers call out major ‘plot holes’ in thriller Fool Me Once

Netflix viewers call out major ‘plot holes’ in thriller Fool Me Once

Some viewers had unanswered questions

It's safe to say people have been obsessed with Netflix's latest thriller offering, Fool Me Once - but after the show wrapped up, some took to social media to vent about 'plot holes' in the hit series.

Viewers have been glued to the new series, which stars Michelle Keegan and is based on Harlan Coben's novel of the same name.

While many admitted to being so obsessed with the show that they binge-watched the lot as soon as it dropped, others have picked up on a couple of 'holes' in the story.

The show centres around Maya Stern (played by Michelle Keegan), who is dealing with the death of her husband Joe (The Hobbit's Richard Armitage).

A grieving Maya tries to navigate Joe's death and piece together how and why he died - which is made even more confusing when she spots him on their daughter's baby cam just days after the funeral.

In the process, Maya 'uncovers a deadly conspiracy that stretches deep into the past.'

Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern.

Ever since the show dropped, viewers have been taking to social media to discuss the plot.

Many admitted they were glued to the thriller, while others praised Keegan's performance as Maya.

Some, however, were left with questions over the plot.

The show dropped on New Year's Day.

One wrote: "I binge watched this last night but felt there were a few holes in the plot which went unanswered.

"It was a great watch however."

Some were quick to question one scene in particular, which saw Maya leave a helicopter and her student - who was learning to fly the plane - in the middle of the woods.

One person wrote: "I can’t stop wondering whether the man who was ditched in the middle of nowhere on his helicopter lesson ever made his dentist appointment?"

While another said: "Finished #FoolMeOnce last night and... can someone go check on that poor b*****d in the helicopter, he must be starving and bursting for a pee."

And a third added: "I need to know of the bloke in the helicopter made it to his dentist appointment."

But that wasn't all.

People were suspicious over Shane.

Others said they were left questioning Maya's fellow military officer and friend, Shane.

"I thought they made Shane look really suspicious but nothing materialised from that," one viewer wrote.

While another vented on Reddit: "What was Shane’s character for? I get that he was her friend from the military but was it him that was stalking her at her house and tracking her car etc?

"Was he obsessed with her? In love with her? He was under developed and I was convinced he was dodgy as soon as he came on the screen but he turned out to be a nice guy and a loyal friend to Maya."

A third added: "Really enjoyed it, but I still don't know why Shane was acting so suspiciously?? Did I miss some of it?"

Some believed Shane was involved in the family cover up.

While another suggested that Shane could have actually been involved in the Burkett family's 'cover up'.

"I love Emmet Scanlon always plays the shift fella... I did think he had something to do with the family cover up [sic]," they wrote.

Others were adamant that Shane's character was simply a red herring to throw us all off the scent.

What do you think?

Fool Me Once is available to stream on Netflix.

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