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Viewers shocked after discovering Netflix’s latest dark drama won’t be returning for a third series

Viewers shocked after discovering Netflix’s latest dark drama won’t be returning for a third series

After binging the first two seasons, many Netflix viewers have no doubt been left wanting more

Viewers were left shocked after finding out that Netflix’s latest dark drama won’t be returning for a third series, despite people becoming instantly hooked.

It’s always a pain when you find yourself getting really into a series, only to hear it’s been cancelled – especially if it ends before the writers have had a chance to wrap things up.

That said, sometimes it’s good to end on a high, meaning some creators will choose to bow out sooner rather than later before audiences become tired.

Sadly, that’s been the fate of one of Netflix’s latest hit dramas, although it’s not all bad news...

Back to Life recently climbed its way into the Netflix top 10, having also racked up a perfect 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes score.

It stars the likes of Adeel Akhtar - who played detective Sami Kierce in the Harlan Coben series Fool Me Once - Daisy Haggard, Richard Durden, Geraldine James, Christine Bottomley, Ade Edmondson and Jo Martin.

The dark comedy follows 36-year-old Miri Matteson, who is fresh out of prison after 18 years behind bars.

Back in her hometown in Kent, Miri tries to rekindle old friendships and get a job - but not everyone is willing to forget the horrific crime she was jailed for as a teenager.

It has a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

It first premiered on the BBC back in 2019, but has won over a whole new batch of viewers after being released on Netflix.

"Just binge watched series 1 and 2... you were absolutely brilliant!" one fan tweeted Haggard yesterday.

"As was the rest of the cast. Thank you so much. Hope there's a series 3. Again... thank you!"

Sadly for the most recent fans, however, the programme already came to an end before they had the chance to get hooked.

Tweeting last October, Haggard, who also co-wrote the show, revealed she had wrapped things up.

"Had lots of lovely messages mistakenly worrying that #backtolife has been cancelled!" she began.

"But do not worry, it was in fact a decision we came to ourselves to end the story exactly as we did, and I’m so proud of the story we told!"

Daisy Haggard co-wrote the series, as well as starring in it.

Many fans were understandably gutted, with one commenting: "This selfishly makes me so saaddddddddd but also so glad you got to tell the story you wanted to tell. It sounds dramatic but Back to Life is my favourite tv show lol. I rave about it to everyone and recommend it constantly. I hope to write something like it someday."

Someone else wrote: "F**k!!!! Loved it such a good show. Those characters had further to go even if that storyline had been wrapped up."

However, many praised Haggard for making the bold decision.

One said: "So much better to end on a high, even if there’s potential for more. Too many shows can’t resist the lure of one more season, only to ruin the vibe that made them popular. Great credit to protect your legacy."

Going into more detail on the Out to Lunch podcast, she also reassured fans she had more work in the pipeline.

"It feels really sad to kill Back To Life because I love Back To Life. But I think the story is done," she explained.

"I've got so many things I want to do, I've got two or three film ideas that I'm really excited about."

All 12 episodes of Back to Life are currently available to stream on both BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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