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Molly-Mae appears to hit out at Traveller school traditions for Bambi as she opens up to Paris Fury

Molly-Mae appears to hit out at Traveller school traditions for Bambi as she opens up to Paris Fury

She opens up to Paris in a new Netflix documentary

Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about her thoughts on Traveller schooling traditions, knowing that she and fiancé Tommy Fury will have to approach parenting from the perspective of different backgrounds as they raise Bambi.

The couple appear in new Netflix documentary At Home with the Furys, which was filmed before Molly-Mae gave birth earlier this year.

The docu-series, which gives fans an insight into the life of Tyson Fury and wife Paris, shows the pair as they announce their pregnancy and preparing for life as new parents – with the mum-to-be telling her partner as they’re sat on the sofa: “It feels like you’ve swallowed an animal and the animal’s wriggling inside of you.

“That’s the only way I can explain it. And then soon you’ll actually be able to start seeing limbs and stuff poking through.”

Talk eventually turns to their daughter’s upbringing, with Tommy admitting he’d love to have 10 kids, while Molly-Mae would want a ‘maximum’ of three.

“Growing up the way I’ve grown up, I’ve got my morals,” Tommy explained to the camera.

Tommy said he wants 10 kids.

“I live my life a certain way. And I feel like when our little girl comes along, she’ll most definitely be brought up the way I’ve been brought up – the old fashioned way, the right way.”

After pointing out their baby ‘is only going to have one quarter Traveller blood running through her veins’, Molly-Mae then says: “With Tommy obviously being Traveller, he has had conversations with me about our child not going to school, which is absolutely non-optional.

“I’ve been raised completely differently to that. It would never be a question that our children or child would not go to school.

“But hopefully it won’t cause too many rifts.”

Molly-Mae said their child not going to school was 'non-optional'.

In a later episode, Molly-Mae sits down with Paris Fury to talk about motherhood within a Traveller family.

“We were speaking about schooling, and for him, I think he just probably wouldn’t have her going to school.

“He literally thinks that the minute she’s born, he’s just gonna put her in his bag, and he’s just gonna take her round everywhere with him.

“But yeah, I think we need to sort of work out a way that I’m happy, he’s happy, the families are happy, and the baby’s happy, essentially.

“But with school and stuff, I said I would preferably prefer her to go to school because that’s the way I was raised.”

Molly-Mae turned to Paris Fury for advice.

She went on to explain to the camera how children in the Traveller community ‘tend to leave school a lot earlier, whether that to be to go work with their dad, or the girls stay at home with their mum and help with the cleaning, cooking and raising of the other children’.

“That’s a great tradition, it’s what they’re used to,” Molly-Mae said. “But it’s not something I’ve ever really seen before. And it’s not something I disagree with, it’s just very different to what I know.”

Molly-Mae told Paris she felt her and Tommy would be ‘fine’ and that they just needed to have ‘adult conversations’ about the matter.

You can watch At Home with the Furys on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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