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MAFS viewers accuse groom Jack of ‘flirting’ with another bride after the pair have meet-up

MAFS viewers accuse groom Jack of ‘flirting’ with another bride after the pair have meet-up

Jack Dunkley is in hot water once again

As Married at First Sight Australia’s latest season continues to grace our telly screens each night, it seems there has been a common consensus from viewers at home.

And it's all to do with groom Jack Dunkley.

The 34-year-old personal trainer, from Queensland, has caused quite the stir since being paired up with Tori Adams, 27.

After making several questionable comments throughout this season, fans were ready to throw in the towel with Jack and after this latest stint, it appears many are ready to riot.

Jack and Tori have caused quite the stir this season. (Nine Network)
Jack and Tori have caused quite the stir this season. (Nine Network)

MAFS viewers who watched the recent episode where bride Jade Pywell, 26, took Jack for coffee for Feedback Week thought the fitness guru was ‘trying it on’ with her.

During Feedback Week, those in the experiment get the chance to advise fellow couples as a way to figure out how to help their marital issues.

When Jade - who is partnered up with 27-year-old Ridge Barredo - was paired with Jack, she went straight in and questioned his marriage with Tori.

But fans noticed right away that Jack wasn’t being his usual self, and believed that he had been looking at Jade a little differently than he does with his wife.

While Jade was quizzing him about his lack of intimacy with Tori, Jack was busy getting giddy.

He told the camera: "I like Jade. She's pretty fiery, she's pretty passionate, I've definitely dated people like Jade in the past.”

But Jade wasn’t being taken for a fool and noticed how he was acting with her, saying: "I definitely feel like Jack was trying with me, but I was trying to ignore that and just focus on what is going on in his relationship with Tori."

Jade and her partner Ridge. (Nine Network)
Jade and her partner Ridge. (Nine Network)

Calling her ‘spicy’, Jack said to Jade: "I feel like you have spicy energy and you don't mind saying it how it is.”

He even donned her 'Juicy Jade'. Gross.

And fans were quick to kick off over his demeanour and took to X, formerly Twitter, to talk about it.

One user wrote: "Tori defending Jack while he's across town flirting with another bride."

Another said: "Jacks practically drooling over Jade. Cringing at his efforts.”

Someone else commented: "Tori should be made to watch what Jack is saying to Jade."

During their talk, Jade managed to get some clarity over his marriage, with Jack saying: "If I had a sexual spark with someone then maybe we would've had sex by now.”

Jade later went on to claim that she wasn’t buying his façade and believed that he just wasn’t into Tori.

She said: "I think Tori and Jack haven't slept together because he doesn't like her like that."

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network

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