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I’m A Celebrity forced to apologise after ‘accidentally' liking ‘offensive’ comment about Nella Rose

I’m A Celebrity forced to apologise after ‘accidentally' liking ‘offensive’ comment about Nella Rose

The show has released an official statement on the matter

I'm A Celebrity has issued an apology after liking an 'offensive' comment made about Nella Rose.

The Instagram account of the ITV reality show had liked a comment on the social media network while scrolling through viewers' comments.

I'm A Celebrity has now posted the apology on both its official Instagram and X - and explained how the incident happened.

The show posted over the weekend (2 December): "Yesterday we accidentally liked a comment on Instagram while scrolling down through viewer comments.

"The post in question contained unacceptable language about one of our campmates and we apologise for the mistake made and any offence caused."

It continued: "We seek to champion all our campmates and would always urge our audience to be kind when commenting on social media."

The now-deleted body-shaming comment referred to YouTube star and social media personality, Nella Rose.

The apology has since received mixed responses with some viewers dubbing it 'unnecessary' while others, however, were quick to point out the issues with the amount of 'hate' Nella Rose has been on the receiving end of by people online.

I'm A Celebrity posted an official apology statement on the matter.

Another Twitter user praised: "I'm glad you clarified the mistake. The hate towards Nella has been WAY to much.

"I disagree with some of her actions in the jungle but people are acting like she's the worst human being alive and that's unfair. She isn't that bad imo. I've seen A LOT worse."

A second penned: "The hate towards Nella Rose on here is unhinged."

"The hate for Nella Rose is really concerning now," added a third while a fourth echoed: "Just a quick question, why does everyone hate Nella? Like I genuinely don't understand why? What did she ever do to you?"

In other I'm A Celeb news, some fans seem to be under the impression that there is some 'tension' brewing between Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson and former professional boxer, Tony Bellew after a series of interactions between the pair.

Whether it was Sam fake boxing Tony, tickling him with a piece of grass while he tried to meditate or even slapping him in the face to swat away a mosquito - it's clear fans definitely have their own ideas about the pair's dynamic.

Nella Rose's fans have since defended her from the online hate she's been receiving.

One, X, formerly Twitter, user wondered: "What's the odds on Tony Bellew sparking Sam Thompson out before the end of I'm A Celeb?"

A second tweeted: "Sam Thompson smacking Tony Bellew. He’s lucky he’s still breathing."

"That Sam is getting a bit cheeky now with Tony," claimed a third, while a fourth joked: "Tony's face when Sam slapped him to get the mosquito yesterday at Kevs ice-cream van had me in stitches. Sam was VERY close to his first KO."

Others, however, seemed to absolutely love Sam and Tony's dynamic with one fan writing: "God, please can someone give Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson their own show."

A second echoed: "I’d 100% watch the Tony Bellew & Sam Thompson show. It needs to happen."

"Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson are giving me absolute vibes," wrote another.

A final Twitter user chimed in: "Obsessed with the Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew dynamic."

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs on ITV Sunday to Friday at 9pm and Saturday at 9.30pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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