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I’m A Celebrity star Josie Gibson fights back tears after ‘emotional’ goodbye to son Reggie

I’m A Celebrity star Josie Gibson fights back tears after ‘emotional’ goodbye to son Reggie

She filmed a short video from Heathrow Airport to confirm she was heading Down Under

I’m A Celebrity star Josie Gibson has fought back the tears in an emotional video before heading into the jungle, having admitted it’s going to be ‘tough’ being away from son Reggie.

Josie, 38, is set to enter the I’m a Celeb camp this weekend, alongside the likes of Jamie Lynn Spears, Nigel Farage, Fred Sirieix, Sam Thompson, Frankie Dettori, Tony Bellew, Nick Pickard, Nella Rose, Danielle Harold, Marvin Humes and Grace Dent.

The news was officially confirmed by ITV last night as the channel unveiled its star-studded lineup for 2023 lineup.

In her interview, Josie joked that she wanted to head Down Under ‘to have a little bit of a relax’, but admitted that in reality she’ll struggle not being able to speak to her son, Reggie - who she shares with her ex, Terry.

Explaining how she knows she’s bound to get emotional, but ultimately wants to make Reggie proud, Josie said: “It’s going to be tough and I am worried about not having any contact with him. He is so excited though!”

Josie's joined the lineup for this year's I'm a Celeb.

She added: “I am most looking forward to being at one with nature.

“And I hope I learn new things about myself. I hope I can push myself more than I think I can.

"Eating trials? I have got to try and close my eyes and not think about what it is I am eating. Heights? I don’t like heights either.

"To be fair, I am not liking a lot of things that the jungle throws at you but I want to give it all a go."

Josie also filmed a short video from Heathrow Airport for her This Morning family, thanking fans for their support.

She admitted she’d had an ‘emotional goodbye’ with her son Reggie, fighting back the tears as she questions ‘What have I done?!’

Josie had to say an 'emotional' goodbye to her son.

Josie told the camera as she filmed in selfie mode: “The rumours are true, I am heading to the jungle. I have just arrived at Heathrow airport now.

“I have said an emotional goodbye to Reggie and I keep thinking to myself ‘what have I done? What have I signed up for?’ I am just hoping I am a survivor.

“Thank you for all your support, I just hope I can get through this because I cannot stand creepy crawlies, I don’t like heights, I don’t like rats, I don’t like snakes, so wish me luck.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thismorning/@josiegibson85

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