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Home Alone fans have shocking theory about how McCallister family afforded their huge house

Home Alone fans have shocking theory about how McCallister family afforded their huge house

It'll change the way you watch the festive classic

Christmas is now just three days away and, between sorting some last-minute Christmas presents and food shopping, I'm sure a bunch of us are getting ready for a whole lot of sofa action tuning into all the holiday classics.

However, it seems that one of my most-adored festive flicks, Home Alone, may not be all it seems after fans of the film shared their shocking theory about how the McCallister family afforded their huge house. Check it out:

The family comedy has clearly stood the test of time after first hitting our screens and warming our hearts way back when in 1990 starring the likes of a fresh-faced Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, and Catherine O'Hara.

The film's plot centres around eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Culkin) who is accidentally left behind when his family leaves for France. At first, he's happy to be in charge; but when thieves try to break into his home, he puts up a fight like no other.

Now, the home is pretty much where all the action happens where viewers can see Kevin constantly outsmart the two burglars with a heap of meticulous booby traps including ice-covered steps, steaming hot door knobs, tar-covered basement stairs and a whole lot more.

Eagle-eyed viewers have since speculated about a possible theory as to how on earth the the McCallister family managed to afford their stately home and trip to Paris with nine people, with one taking to TikTok to share his thoughts.

Revolving around some pretty interesting conclusions about Kevin’s dad, which may explain Kevin’s actions in the film, TikToker Brian Rooney ran through the 'evidence' and believes it all points to this being correct.

Fans have wondered how Kevin's dad afforded their huge house in Home Alone.
20th Century Studios

He explains: "There’s this fan theory that says Peter McCallister was a mob boss and it says that Harry and Marv were from a rival family and they were seeking revenge which is why they were hitting up the block.

"I think it makes sense."

Brian continued: "I think the whole theory of Kevin’s dad being a mobster makes total sense just based off Kevin’s behaviour.

"Kevin was a straight up G. When Kevin found out that Harry and Marv were going to rob his house, it didn’t even occur to him to ever call the police.

"Kevin stuck to the G code of 'This is my house. I have to defend it'. That’s the most gangster sh*t ever."

The TikToker carried on: "At the end he didn’t talk to the police at all. He didn’t give them a statement. He just kept his mouth shut. That’s some G code s**t which he would have had to learn from his mob boss dad."

"Y’all better recognise Kevin McCallister was a stone-cold thug."

While some were wowed by the fan theory, others clearly weren't so easily convinced.

The fan theory is pretty wild, I must say.
20th Century Studios

One TikTok user pointed out: "His dad's brother paid for the vacation. And back then, houses were much more affordable."

"WHY does everyone forget that it’s HIS RICH BROTHER who paid for the trip?! Why?" echoed a second.

Brian, however, hit back against such sceptics suggesting that maybe he was a mob boss too with someone else suggesting that he possibly worked as a mob lawyer.

Other TikTok users took it upon themselves to point out the connection to Kevin watching a gangster film in the movie and The Sopranos - a mafia crime-drama series.

"Not to mention he had them arrested at his neighbours house and pretended to be them when he called," penned another harking back to the 'G code'.

A second person added: "Kevin recognises Harry when he's walking home from the store as the cop from the beginning and that's why he didn't trust the cops."

While it's a fun idea to play around with, die-hard fans of the franchise outlined that Peter worked in stocks and Kevin’s mum was a fashion designer, so the theory may just be that - a theory.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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