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Hallmark Channel is launching a Christmas cruise next year

Hallmark Channel is launching a Christmas cruise next year

The unusual new cruise will take Christmas to the seas

'Christmas' and 'cruise' aren't necessarily two words that are often used together, but now the Hallmark Channel has come along to change that.

And no, it's not with a new Christmas movie about spending the festive season on a boat - although I'm sure that would attract some vacation-loving viewers.

Instead, the Hallmark Channel is combining the two terms with a brand-new Christmas cruise, which will set sail for the first time next year.

The cruise will leave Florida in November 2024.

Rather than simply watching Hallmark movies through the screen, fans will be able to fully 'immerse themselves in the world of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies' while on the boat, which will take off from Miami, Florida.

It will travel to Nassau, Bahamas, all the while bringing the Hallmark brand 'to life in a new, captivating way', according to Hallmark Media’s Vice President of Consumer Products, Natalie Vandergast.

As part of the cruise, film fans will be able to meet some famous Hallmark Channel stars and hear them talk about 'bringing the magic of Christmas to life in a Hallmark Channel movie', as well as take part in an 'exclusive Countdown to Christmas World Premiere' of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

The four-day vacation will take place on 5-9 November, 2024, with pre-sale tickets available now. So what are you waiting for? Christmas is coming!

Featured Image Credit: Hallmark Channel Cruise / Pexels

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