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Hairy Bikers fans left 'broken' as Dave Myers says his last goodbye to Si King in final episode

Hairy Bikers fans left 'broken' as Dave Myers says his last goodbye to Si King in final episode

BBC viewers rushed to social media to share their heartbreak

Hairy Bikers fans have been left absolutely 'broken' as Dave Myers says his last goodbye to Si King in the show's final episode.

Last night (19 March) saw the very last episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West, following the death of Dave last month who passed away aged 66 after battling with cancer.

BBC viewers have since rushed to social media to share their tributes to the beloved star and their reactions to Dave and Si's final-ever onscreen moments together.

In the episode, which rounded off the seven-part series, Dave told Si: "Who knows what the future holds but for the moment, I’m living in the present, and it’s pretty fine.

"I’ve had a blast, lovely landscape, new friends and great food. And the two of us back together, doing what we do best.

"The west really will be a trip to remember. It has been amazing, love you."

Clearly moved by Dave's words, Si said he was 'lost for words', before adding: "It’s quite remarkable what he’s done."

Si then praised Dave, saying: "This is a pay-off to your hard work, to your will, to your effort," to which he replied: "It’s a dream come true Kingy…"

The final episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West aired last night (19 March).

As the episode came to an end, the friends were seen sat together while reflecting on the trip.

"Well, we’ve made it," Si said while Dave, in his final-ever onscreen moments responded: "And it’s been tough at times. You know I’ve had chemotherapy all the time we’ve been filming, it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve got there you know and it’s just a wonderful feeling. Being here with you, I long for this."

Si then told Dave he loved him 'like family, like a brother' with the episode ending with a final shot of the pair reflecting on their 'amazing' journey together before hugging and saying they loved each other.

Fans were also clearly moved by the episode with one X user writing: "I'm now broken for a while. Hairy Bikers Go West - what a special relationship they had, full of love, empathy, support and all things good.

BBC viewers were left 'broken' by Dave and Si's final onscreen moments together.

"In the words of Dave Myers just now, 'I'm living in the present just now and it's pretty fine I tell ya'. There's a lesson right there for us."

A second penned: "Last ever Hairy Bikers Go West and the last two minutes or so really moved me especially when Si King was lost for words r.e his best mate Dave Myers who gave out positive uplifting vibes. Dave, what a man."

"Well I didn't expect that to set me off," admitted a third. "What a lovely man and what a beautiful friendship."

A fourth revealed: "Having a little Wednesday morning cry for two brilliant and lovely men.

"Their friendship was a privilege to witness. I want to give Si a gentle cuddle this morning."

People were left heartbroken by the touching episode.

And a final X user echoed: "I'd only watched it this series and found it a great show.

"Seeing Dave and especially Si and the end really broke my heart. Dave was such a trooper and it was a very fitting send off.

"Yes, I was in tears at the end too."

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