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How much Gogglebox star Stephen Webb 'made a month' from show before quitting after ten years

How much Gogglebox star Stephen Webb 'made a month' from show before quitting after ten years

Stephen joined the Channel 4 series as one of its original cast members in 2013

Gogglebox star Stephen Webb is officially waving goodbye to the beloved Channel 4 show, but being filmed watching TV isn't the only thing he'll be giving up.

He'll also be saying farewell to the money he made through his appearances.

Stephen announced his departure from Gogglebox today (7 September), 10 years after he made his first appearance alongside his then-partner Christopher Steed.

The pair formed part of the original cast of the series when it arrived in 2013, and throughout the years Stephen has become a staple of the show.

He was joined on the sofa by his mum, Pat, in 2017 after Christopher left the series, but more recently he's been settling down to watch the latest shows with his current partner, Daniel Lustig-Webb.

The pair both work in a hair salon, but Gogglebox has allowed them to boost their earnings each month.

So, how much did Stephen earn?

Well, The Sun reports that each Gogglebox family receives £1,500 every month for their appearances. The money is split between each member of the family, but considering most people watch TV for free, a few hundred pounds is pretty decent.

The groups are asked to watch 12 hours of TV a week, split into two six-hour shifts, meaning they can work their viewing habits around any day jobs they might have.

Money isn't the only thing the viewers get for their involvement, though, as they're also treated to a takeaway of their choice during longer filming sessions.

Stephen announced his departure after 10 years.

With Stephen having been on the show since March 2013, that means he's been on Gogglebox for 123 months since he first began.

At £1,500 a month, he would have earned a whopping £184,500 for his time spent on the sofa.

I should point out, however, that the Gogglebox cast might not have spent every single month of the year filming the show, meaning Stephen might have gone a few months without getting paid, which would lower his overall earnings.

Tyla has reached out to Channel 4 to confirm a more accurate estimate of a number.

Stephen's departure from the show comes as he and Daniel prepare to 'explore other opportunities'.

In a statement announcing the news, the pair wrote: "We would like to thank both Channel 4 and Studio Lambert for letting us be part of this amazing, funny and heartwarming show.

"We are also extremely thankful to the cast and crew, or Gogglebox family as we call them and of course the fans, thank you for all of your love & support over the years."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@stephengwebb1971 / Channel 4

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