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GMB viewers stunned after Ed Balls kicked Susanna Reid in the head live on air

GMB viewers stunned after Ed Balls kicked Susanna Reid in the head live on air

The awkward moment came during a debate about plane etiquette

Good Morning Britain took a dramatic turn earlier today when Ed Balls ended up kicking Susanna Reid in the head - much to her understandable horror.

The moment came as the presenters debated the topic of etiquette on planes - specifically, whether or not it was ever okay to pop your feet up on the seat in front.

"You’ve paid for your ticket - whether it’s a plane trip or train ride, why shouldn’t you get comfy?" the programme tweeted as it posted the clip.

"But is it ever okay to put your feet on the seat?"

"@edballs might have answered that question already."

The early morning discussion saw Susanna, Ed, Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce seat themselves in a set of plane seats.

After they sat down, Ed suddenly swung his leg up onto the back of Susanna's chair, in turn accidentally knocking her head.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" he asked his co-presenter, leaning over to see if she was okay.

A shocked Susanna bent over and held her head, as she said: "I think we've decided it's not ok, there we go."

Ed Balls accidentally booted Susanna Reid in the head.

Ed looked mortified as the others laughed, before Susanna jokingly added: "I don't know if I can carry on doing the programme. I'm seeing stars. That is our debate this morning, should you put your feet up on seats?"

Andrew cut in: "I think Ed Balls has answered that question!"

Some viewers accused Susanna of 'over-reacting' and being a 'drama queen', though one person defended her, tweeting: "I think it was more shock than contact."

Others also shared their own horror stories from plane journeys, with one writing: "The passenger in front of me with very long hair hung it over the back of their seat so it was hanging over my tray table."

He looked mortified.

Responding to the debate in question, someone else said: "If people want to stretch out - pay 1st class. Otherwise get ousted from flight (on ground). Have ticket declined.

"Close spaces are where each has to be within & not encroach on another."

Another added: "You shouldn't put your feet on the chair in front even if nobody is sitting there."

Kevin later praised Susanna for carrying on like a trooper, saying in a tweet: "Full of admiration for @susannareid100 soldiering on after @edballs kicks her in the head."

He then quipped: "Anybody know a good personal injury lawyer?"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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