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Friends guest star can't watch herself ‘getting hot and heavy’ with David Schwimmer during ‘awkward’ scene

Friends guest star can't watch herself ‘getting hot and heavy’ with David Schwimmer during ‘awkward’ scene

One of the most iconic guest stars of Friends has opened up about her experience filming scenes on the show

One guest star of the most beloved sitcom of all time, Friends, has opened up about one scene she's too embarrassed to watch back - alongside one major character.

Despite Friends first landing on screens way back in 1995 and giving us that iconic final episode in 2004, viewers still have such a strong bond with the show that they eat up every single new detail.

The legendary show followed the lives of six friends: Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer).

Ultimately, we got a hilarious 10 season run and much to our delight, the episodes always seem to be on repeat somewhere within the TV schedule.

And other than the six main characters and their own hilarious plot lines, something viewers have always loved the most is the escapades of the guest stars.

One interview with Alexandra Holden, who played Ross' girlfriend Elizabeth throughout season six, has gone viral.

She says: "David was a lot more serious than I thought he was going to be.

"He's a really hard worker. That was actually a really nice surprise."

She added: "He really wanted to make sure that we rehearsed all of the scenes, and wants to make sure that everything is just right.

"And I really appreciated that."

Ross and Elizabeth. (NBC)
Ross and Elizabeth. (NBC)

But then she admitted one scene she struggles to rewatch.

Holden added: "In a scene when he's telling me that we can't date because it's against the rules, and I start kind of getting turned on by what he's saying... it was so hard to keep a straight face because he's so funny."

She continued: "I'm so embarrassed about that scene. I can't even watch it, it makes me blush, with all my breathing and stuff.

"That was an especially hard scene. Especially as it's embarrassing to get all hot and heavy like that."

In the show, Ross' and Elizabeth's relationship was 'against the rules' as she was his student.

She went on to add that her favourite moment working alongside Schwimmer was when he knocked on her dressing room door to break the news of who would be playing her on-screen father - none other than Bruce Willis.

"It was just so sweet, it made me like, fall in love with David Schwimmer for being so excited over something like that," she reminisced.

One person wrote: "I liked her a lot."

Another said: "Great episode."

While a third theorised: "Yeah, she still got a crush on him."

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