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Friends fans have mind-blowing theory about Phoebe after spotting 'huge list' of clues

Friends fans have mind-blowing theory about Phoebe after spotting 'huge list' of clues

Lisa Kudrow played whimsical sitcom favourite Phoebe Buffay in the 90s/00s

Ever since the much-loved sitcom drew to a close over 20 years ago, comedy fans have tried ceaselessly to keep the Friends universe alive.

So much so, that some have even constructed elaborate conspiracy theories about the six leading stars, just to keep the conversation rolling on.

Despite the show's main characters - Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc - going on to boast pretty successful on-screen careers, die-hard lovers of the 90s sitcom always hung on to hope that they'd rekindle for a brand new series.

As we say though, just because we can't watch any more new Friends doesn't mean we can't still chat about what we reckon Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, Ross Geller and Joey Tribbiani would be getting up to right now.

And in a rather surprising twist of fate, it turns out that a small group of online fanatics have formed a pretty fleshed-out theory about what antics whimsical - and often unpredictable - Phoebe Buffay would be carrying out, with some under the impression she'd be continuing her career as a spy.

'But wait! Phoebe isn't a spy!', I hear you say. 'She's a guitar-playing masseuse!' But hold on, I promise, it'll all make sense...

It turns out that throughout the entire 10-season show, our girl Phoebs has actually been dropping hints the whole time that she's secretly a government agent, and that her bohemian, carefree nature is actually one big facade.

Do you think Phoebe has it in her to have been a spy? (NBC)
Do you think Phoebe has it in her to have been a spy? (NBC)

Taking to Reddit, one fan of the show launched their theory by claiming: "Phoebe is a CIA spy. There a long list of clues hinting at this."

Asked to spill the tea, they went on to list a number of features of the fan-favourite character that contribute to the idea that she's harbouring a pretty big secret. Have a little look and see what you reckon.

  1. "Speaks French and Italian.
  2. Not allowed to have a passport.
  3. Shady background with a big rapsheet.
  4. Knows weird people around the city.
  5. CIA liked spy’s with no family attachments.
  6. Somehow supports herself in Manhattan as a part time masseuse.
  7. Has a life goal of learning to fly a jet.
  8. Has a mysterious Vegas marriage in her past.
  9. Has close relationship with top secret submariner, and energy scientist in Minsk.
  10. Has a frequently repeated alias.
  11. Doesn’t know or says she doesn’t know her real age.
  12. Dated the ambassador of an Eastern European country.
  13. Knows boxing.
  14. Stabbed a cop.
  15. Spent time in jail.
  16. She has a thing for older grey haired white guys.
  17. Can hear Joey's thoughts.
  18. Denise, the mysterious roommate.
  19. Has 'friends' that know where Ursula’s fiancé lives.
  20. Implied she has money in Zurich when betting Monica.
  21. Teaches Joey how to lie.
  22. Held up well under torture.
  23. Was in missile training when they taught military time.
  24. In 6 months the statute of limitations runs out and 'I can travel internationally again'.
  25. Can fall asleep anywhere, like needed on a battlefield.
  26. Goal of attending sniper school before age 31
  27. Had night vision goggles and stun gun ready to go when they followed Chandler.
  28. She thinks the front desk of the massage place is bugged.

I did warn you that it would all make sense!

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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