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Ant and Dec reveal huge show shakeup in final season of Saturday Night Takeaway with show first

Ant and Dec reveal huge show shakeup in final season of Saturday Night Takeaway with show first

The final season is coming soon to ITV

The final season of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is on the horizon and it's set to be going out with a bang.

The series will mark 20 years of the show and to make it extra special, the comedy duo are introducing a show first - and it sounds *so* good.

The show will return this weekend.

Taking part in a Q&A ahead of the show returning, the pair explained that Get Out Of Me Ear and Undercover will be returning, this time with some special guests.

Speaking about filming the segment with one of the guests - Lorraine Kelly - Dec said: "I thought we got stopped a lot when we were out shopping but my goodness, everybody wants to stop and talk to Lorraine Kelly!"

Meanwhile, Ant added: "The viewers will enjoy it, Lorraine's naughty side comes out."

But to mix it up, the pair explained there will be a new segment, based on Get Me Out Of Ear, but with a twist.

For this season and this season only, Ant and Dec themselves will be getting involved with what they're calling Revenge Get Out of Me Ear.

This will see the pair both wearing a headset, with other celeb guests telling them what to do.

It will be a spot of revenge for the duo as the celebrities on the other end of the mic will be those they have pranked in the past.

And it seems everyone is making the effort to take their revenge out on the pair.

"Normally when you're trying to get celebrities for things like this it's hard to pin them down because of busy diaries but we've been told that everyone who they asked immediately said yes and made themself available," Ant said.

"We're very nervous about this."

The pair have been presenting the show for 20 years.
Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Undercover will also be returning for the final series, and the team are going full circle, bringing back Simon Cowell, who was the first celeb to ever feature.

"We are ending the Undercovers where we started… with Simon Cowell! Our first ever Undercover was on Simon in LA when he was a judge on American Idol," Dec revealed.

"So we've gone back and got Simon Cowell again. We went out to LA and gave him the day from hell whilst he was judging on America's Got Talent."

And Ant added: "It was even sweeter getting him the second time round because we also got him during his downtime as he's riding his bike around Malibu, it's very, very funny."

The final season of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway will begin on ITV, on Saturday February 24 at 7pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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