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Emmerdale star Danny Miller shares real reason he returned to the soap

Emmerdale star Danny Miller shares real reason he returned to the soap

Aaron was revealed to be the mysterious man in the chair on Monday and fans can expect to see him a lot in future episodes.

Emmerdale viewers were left in shock after Aaron Dingle made his surprise return on screens on Monday (9 October).

Aaron (played by Danny Miller) was revealed to be the unfortunate fellow tied up at Wylie’s Farm.

No, the man in the chair was not Paul Hollywood like some people thought after he visited the Emmerdale set.

Emmerdale fans will recall that Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb (William Ash) have been acting in an unusual manner for a while, with the pair often going on secret trips together.

It was eventually revealed that they had locked someone up at Wylie’s Farm.

It was then revealed that Cain and Caleb decided to hold him hostage in an effort to protect him.

They had heard from Adam (Adam Thomas) that Aaron found himself in a spot of trouble with some gangsters from whom he had stolen a massive sum of money from.

They then headed to Italy to bring Aaron back to little ol’ Emmerdale village in what can only be described as tough love.

Emmerdale bosses were able to keep Danny Miller’s return to the soap under wraps until now, with the actor being given a secret code name for when he was transported to and from the set.

Danny Miller made his return to the soap.

Speaking to the media about his return to the ITV soap, Danny said he has a family to feed and relocated to Leeds to get his old job back.

“I’m very appreciative for the job. I’m very thankful for being back here,” he told Entertainment Daily.

“Obviously I have a family now that needs feeding so it makes it a fun way to do that,” he explained.

Danny confirmed he’s back as a regular on the show, explaining: “Being around the corner from them now and relocating over here shows that I really want to commit to the show and show them and the audience, how much I love it and how much respect and thanks I’ve got for it.”

He said now is the right time for him to be back and recalled the moment he was offered the chance to come back on the show. “When the offer came back in I was just very thankful and it made me think this is for my family and I feel very honoured to do that.”

Danny Miller is back as Aaron.

Danny played Aaron from 2008 until 2012 before returning in 2014 and departing once again in 2021 to compete on that years’ edition of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! He returned for a guest stint in October 2022 to mark Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary.

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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