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EastEnders fans in hysterics after Lily reveals her baby is named after popstar

EastEnders fans in hysterics after Lily reveals her baby is named after popstar

Lily and Ricky announced the name of their new baby after a home birth

Warning: Contains Spoilers

EastEnders fans have struggled to take the soap seriously after teenage character Lily revealed the inspiration for her new baby's name.

Fans of EastEnders will know that the series has been building up to Lily's birth after it was revealed that she was pregnant at just 12-years-old, with Ricky Mitchell named as the father.

After being rushed to hospital earlier in her pregnancy, Lily's baby finally arrived in tonight's episode (5 September), which aired on BBC iPlayer before arriving on BBC One.

The episode saw Lily, played by Lillia Turner, undergo a dramatic home birth in which she welcomed a healthy baby girl.

Mother and daughter were taken to hospital to be checked over after the baby's arrival, and before long they were joined by Ricky as well as his dad, Jack Branning.

Ricky used the opportunity to hold his new daughter for the first time, at which point Lily allowed him to reveal the baby's name.

Ricky announced that their daughter was called Charli - something which prompted Lily's mum Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) to ask if the name had been inspired by her uncle Charlie.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately for Stacey, though, that wasn't the case.

Lily and Ricky revealed their baby's name in the hospital.

The two young parents revealed that their daughter's name had actually been inspired by a popstar - none other than 'Boys' singer Charli XCX.

The revelation resulted in some of their family members being left confused, but it also left EastEnders viewers in absolute hysterics.

"Crying at Lily and Ricky on EastEnders naming their baby after Charli XCX," one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, after hearing the name the parents had chosen for their daughter.

Another viewer tagged Charli XCX to make sure the singer was aware of the honour bestowed upon her.

"@charlixcx have you seen Lily from EastEnders has named her baby after you?? Greatest moment in pop culture history," they wrote.

A third added: "Not lily naming her baby after Charli XCX."

The baffled responses continued in the show, where Jack was left entirely clueless over the reference to the popstar before Denise stepped in to explain.

Ricky went on to reveal that their little girl's full name is Charli Branning Slater.

Explaining why the name Mitchell wasn't included, Ricky said he wanted his daughter to have the name Branning and that he wanted to change his own name because he'd 'always felt more like a Branning'.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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