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‘TikTok cult’ 7M hits out at ‘slanderous’ Netflix documentary following its release

‘TikTok cult’ 7M hits out at ‘slanderous’ Netflix documentary following its release

Dancing for the Devil alleged TikTok star Miranda Derrick was in the grip of a 'cult'

Following the release of explosive Netflix documentary Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, 7M Films at the centre of the scandal have hit out at the 'slanderous' production.

The three-part docuseries takes an unflinching look at a group of professional and successful TikTok dancers who, as they recount in the documentary, became trapped in what many of them have now labelled as a 'cult'.

The 'cult' allegedly affected those on the roster of 7M Films, a management company for dancers run by Robert Shinn, who doubles as a pastor of Shekinah Church.

Dancing for the Devil focuses on the emotional story of estranged sisters Melanie Wilking and Miranda Derrick, who were thrust into the spotlight as a result of social media fame after uploading a series of dance videos to TikTok in 2019.

Melanie tells the story of how they eventually signed with 7M films, but she managed to break free - while her sister, Miranda, cut herself off entirely from her family.

Footage shows that Miranda got married to a fellow dancer without telling her family and even missed their grandfather's funeral.

Miranda's parents break down on camera as they express how much they miss her.

Dancing for the Devil also hears from parents of other dancers involved with 7M Films and the church who echo the belief their children are now in a cult.

As the documentary progresses, it emerges that many people who have dealt with Robert Shinn accuse him of sexual, emotional and financial abuse.

He denies the claims and has not faced any formal criminal charges.

7M Films CEO and Pastor of Shekinah Church, Robert Shinn. (Netflix)
7M Films CEO and Pastor of Shekinah Church, Robert Shinn. (Netflix)

The focus of the documentary, Miranda Wilking, spoke out for the first time last night (4 June), after viewers expressed worry about her whereabouts and wellbeing.

Her statement included the following: '"I believe the documentary is a one-sided story.

"My family don't honor the space I've asked for and I saw a different side of them I've never seen before. Honestly, it made me mad, frustrated and annoyed that they were being so overbearing and chaotic."

She further stated: "I am not a victim, I am not in any harm, I am not being abused. I've never asked my family or anyone else to 'help' me in any way.

"Respectfully, what I choose to do with my life is up to me."

A spokesperson for Miranda, her husband James, 7M and Robert have previously denied the allegations set out in the Netflix documentary.

And in a statement provided to Tyla, the Shinn family have made another statement on behalf of 7M Films.

Fans have been wondering where Miranda is now. (Instagram/@mirandaderrick)
Fans have been wondering where Miranda is now. (Instagram/@mirandaderrick)

Hannah Shinn said on behalf of 7M: "The Netflix docuseries is a slanderous work of fiction, born from a failed extortion attempt, and invented for the sole purpose of gaining fame and fortune.

"Two years ago, Melanie Lee Goldman, Priscylla Leigh aka Elisha Priscylla Leigh and their co-conspirators launched a concerted smear campaign to defame Robert Shinn, his family, and his business associates after Mr. Shinn did not capitulate to Ms. Leigh’s extortion demands.

"Despite sworn statements from co-conspirators that confirm the scheme by Ms. Goldman and Ms. Leigh to disseminate widespread lies, Netflix recklessly provided a global platform to peddle a false narrative that is at the center of ongoing litigation.

"We will continue to pursue all legal remedies available to stop the spread of salacious lies and expect to be fully vindicated in court. Thank you."

Melanie Lee Goldman provided Tyla with the following statement: "The lawsuit and documentary speak for themselves. Mr. Shinn has already been ordered by the Court to pay over $75,000 in attorneys’ fees for having filed meritless claims. Mrs. Lee and Ms. Leigh look forward to presenting their case to a jury."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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