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Viewers ‘gripped’ by ‘eerie’ new true crime documentary following husband's attempt to murder own wife

Viewers ‘gripped’ by ‘eerie’ new true crime documentary following husband's attempt to murder own wife

The three episode docuseries follows the extraordinary story of Victoria Cilliers who survived a murder attempt in 2015

Viewers have been left in a state of disbelief after watching a seriously jaw-dropping true crime documentary on Channel 4.

It's pretty much guaranteed when settling down to watch a Channel 4 doc that you'll be left surprised, educated and impressed in equal measure.

In recent times we've had the likes of Me and the Voice in My Head, Miriam: Death of A Reality Star and Real Serpent: Investigating a Serial Killer to dig into - all of which have been a startling but necessary watch.

The latest offering from the broadcaster is no different, and viewers have been totally gripped by it.

It's called The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot - and if you haven't watched it already, you're going to want to make sure you get through it this weekend.

Victoria Cilliers survived the murder attempt. (Channel 4)
Victoria Cilliers survived the murder attempt. (Channel 4)

The three episode docuseries follows the extraordinary tale of Victoria Cilliers, who, by all accounts, should have ended up dead after a skydiving incident in 2015.

Victoria's main and reserve parachutes failed and the terrified woman plunged 4,000 ft.

Despite the odds, Victoria survived but suffered a broken spine, pelvis and fractured ribs.

What appeared to be a huge error then re-emerged as something much more sinister.

An investigation was sparked into Victoria's husband, Emile Cilliers, an army sergeant, who had been the one to convince Victoria to take part in the skydive.

Victoria and Emile were seemingly happily married, and she had recently given birth to their second child.

Emile Cilliers. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Emile Cilliers. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

What comes next in the documentary is truly horrific stuff.

It surfaces that Emile, prior to his wife's skydive, had taken her parachutes into a toilet cubicle and tampered with them, which guaranteed a fall which was likely to result in her death.

Sinister motives behind Emile's attempted murder plot then come to light and they are absolutely shocking, as it appears it wasn't his first attempt to take Victoria's life, as he'd also tampered with a gas valve in their family home.

Viewers are absolutely horrified at what they've seen.

One person reacted: "Watched 1st episode of @Channel4 #TheFall about the Sky Diving murder attempt. Gripping! The way it was told was unique, very eerie. Would recommend. On at 9pm over this week. Interview with the wife tomorrow. What a sinister creep her husband is flirting with female Detective."

Another added: "What a fantastic documentary. What a story."

You can watch The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot via the Channel 4 streaming service now.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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