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Celebs Go Dating: Anna Williamson Defends Married At First Sight UK’s Nikita Jasmine, Calls Her A ‘Lovely Little Marshmallow’

Celebs Go Dating: Anna Williamson Defends Married At First Sight UK’s Nikita Jasmine, Calls Her A ‘Lovely Little Marshmallow’

Celebs Go Dating coach Anna Williamson has spilled the tea on MAFS stars Nikita Jasmine and Jessika Power ahead of the new series.

The brand new season of Celebs Go Dating starts today and not only has the show returned to its older format, in which celebs are sent out on dinner dates, cocktails and weird activities, two controversial Married at First Sight stars are joining the lineup.

Watch the trailer below:

This includes Married at First Sight UK’s Nikita Jasmine and Married at First Sight Australia star Jessika Power.

Nikita had a tumultuous stint on the hit E4 reality show last year. After being paired with Ant Poole, the newlyweds couldn’t get along. Nikita, who requested a six-foot-tall man with muscles, green eyes and nice teeth, left the show after a series of fiery arguments with her husband and other cast members.

However, celebrity dating coach and author Anna Williamson has said even though Nikita is one of the more ‘challenging’ celebrities she and MAFS UK expert Paul C. Brunson worked with, the 27-year-old actually has a softer side.

“She had a very short stint on that show and she doesn't waste any time in throwing Paul under a bus when it comes to her success on that show,” Anna exclusively tells Tyla.

Nikita and Ant were not a match (

“But does she fare much better on Celebs Go Dating? She has definitely been one of our more challenging celebrities,” she adds.

“I'm really looking forward to this show, hopefully giving her a platform for people to see the lovely little marshmallow Nikita that I've got to very much know and love. She's lovely. She's hard work, but she's lovely.”

Anna also explained the key reasons why Nikita may fare better on Celebs Go Dating than Married at First Sight UK.

“The very big fundamental difference is that in Married at First Sight UK, she got married to a stranger, and then had to learn to get to know them. Here, it's the complete reverse formula.

Jessika was initially partnered with Mick on Married At First Sight Australia (
Nine Network)

“Here we are starting with a blank canvas and we are setting her on dates with people to go through a traditional dating process of getting to know someone, laying foundations, working out if there is chemistry and working out if you want to take that forward.

“It's been interesting to see her try and adapt to that process and it hasn't been easy for Nikita. But what I will say, I think out of all the celebrities, she is the one that has wanted it the most, and has tried the hardest.”

Jessika Powers, who also found herself in the centre of all of the drama in her respective season, was initially partnered with Mick Gould in 2019. The 30-year-old also set tongues wagging when she controversially ditched him for Dan Webb midway through the experiment.

“Jessika is a brilliant addition to the cast,” says Anna.

“When she first came in, Paul and I honestly weren't sure if it was an act. We weren't sure if she was just a very well polished PR machine. And we questioned her about that very openly to try and fathom really who Jess is and was, and I think she was the hardest celebrity to get to know initially. But we succeeded. And that's every credit to her. “

Nikita and Jessika have joined the cast of Celebs Go Dating (

Anna was ‘thrilled’ with this year’s lineup, which also includes Miles Nazire from Made in Chelsea, Ulrika Johnson, Rapper Abz Love, TOWIE star Chloe Brocket, former Apprentice candidate Ryan-Mark Parsons and Geordie Shore’s Marty McKenna.

“I think in this group of celebrities we have some of the worst daters in the history of Celebs Go Dating.

“We also have some of the best and let me tell you now it's extremely surprising who owns those titles. Paul and I are very shocked at who actually did a lot better than we thought they might and who did terribly.”

Anna is releasing a book, ‘Where is the Love’ which will have a lot of the advice and tips she gives on Celebs Go Dating for everyone else.

“For the millions of us that are in relationships, you know, it is never plain sailing, or it rarely is," she says.

"And we don't often really speak openly and honestly about that. I know from all the people I coach and celebrities. It’s about shining a big fat spotlight on all the challenges and issues that we all face in the dating world, in relationships."

Celebs Go Dating starts on Monday 17th January at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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